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NEWater is a globally renowned manufacturer of comprehensive water purification equipment. We manufacture ultra-modern systems customized to effectively remedy your unique water problem. 

  • Over 20 years of experience in water purification.
  • Ultra-modern purification equipment made using the latest technologies.
  • Uninterrupted supply of highly purified water.
  • Hands-on customer support.
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What is a Water Purification System?

A water purification system eradicates objectionable constituents such as dissolved solids and organic chemicals from polluted water. With over 2.3 billion people feeling the pinch of freshwater undersupply, the reliance on water purification systems has grown immensely. NEWater purification technologies have been invited while older technologies such as distillation have been modified.

Presently, there are advanced water purification types of equipment capable of producing highly purified water that meets even the stringiest standards. Modern purifiers are dynamic and they can be customized to purify any form of contaminated water. We manufacture customized purifiers for seawater, well water, brackish water, tap water, and even river water. 

Effective water purifiers exploited appropriately can extract dissolved solids, suspended matter, microbial impurities, chemical pollutants, and undesirable minerals. Modern-day water purification equipment is comparatively easier to use and inexpensive to operate and maintain. NEWater manufactures a broad range of distinct water purifiers personalized to gratify the distinct demands of different industries.

NEWater’s Water Purification Equipments Related Products

Lab Water Purification Systems

NEWater’s lab water purification systems are distinctly customized to generate laboratory-grade purified water in line with the stringent laboratory water standards. 

Water Filtration Systems

We are the manufacturers of highly effective and reliable water filtration systems that are characterized by impeccable impurity removal rates, cost-efficiency, dynamism, and longevity.

Drinking Water filtration systems

Our outstanding drinking water filtration systems eliminate microbial impurities, suspended solids, volatile chemicals, bad odors, and tastes to generate healthy and palatable drinking water.

Whole-House RO Systems

NEWater’s whole-house reverse osmosis systems are expertly manufactured to extract up to 99.7% of dissolved solids and other objectionable impurities. They are easy to operate and economical.

Salt Water Filtration Systems

Our range of saltwater filtration systems converts saline water into fresh water. They shrink salinity levels to <1000ppm, without consuming too much power.

Ultrapure Water System

We manufacture A-list ultrapure water systems which eliminate virtually all unwanted constituents. These units utilize well-established technologies like reverse osmosis and electrodeionization.

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Why Opt for NEWater’s A-List Water Purification Systems?

High-Quality and Certified Equipment

NEWater is a certified manufacturer of water purification equipment. Our products are ISO 9001 certified and they meet all local and international quality standards.

Safe and Prompt Delivery

We deliver our top-notch water purification equipment to over 200 countries. We rely on renowned shipping companies to ensure you get your system safely and punctually.

Extended System Warranty

Any form of technical hitch experienced is freely and expertly rectified by our auspicious technicians. All NEWater’s systems have 1-year warranty protection.

Custom-Made Systems

Our water purification systems are distinctly and uniquely manufactured to offer personalized solutions to your respective water problem. They eliminate impurities that are objectionable to you.

NEWater’s Water Purification Machines Features:

  1. High impurity removal rates.
  2. Uninterrupted supply of high-grade purified water.
  3. Decent water recovery.
  4. Removes a range of undesirable pollutants.
  5. Comparatively low consumption of power.
  6. Reasonable cost of operation and maintenance.
  7. Automatic and easy-to-use configuration.
  8. High-quality material, which is rust-resistant.
Water Purification Equipment Features
Water Purification Equipment Applications

Product Applications:

  • Preconditioning of feed water for ultra-pure water systems.
  • Pre-treating saline water before desalination.
  • Pharmaceutical water pretreatment.
  • Laboratory water pretreatment.
  • Wastewater pretreatment.
  • Boiler feed water preconditioning.
  • Protecting reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Drinking water pretreatment.

How To Customize Your Water Purification Equipments

For our engineers to develop an individualized water purification unit for you, kindly avail the following information.

  • The type, composition, and concentration of your raw water.
  • Your desired quality of purified water.
  • The intended use scenarios.
  • The hourly water purification demands (Number of gallons needed).
  • Applicable power and voltage options.
  • The preferred design.
  • Applicable industry standards.
  • The delivery address.
Customize Your Water Purification Equipment

NEWater, Your Comprehensive Water Purification Equipments Supplier

Water Purification Equipment 1
Water Purification Equipment 2

NEWater’s first-rate water purification equipments are globally renowned and revered for its impeccable impurity removal rates, cost-efficiency, and dependability. They utilize reputable water purification technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, ion exchange, and electrodeionization. Our manufacturing facility is ultra-modern, which allows us to manufacture high-quality equipment using the best material and latest technologies without incurring unnecessary production costs. 

Consequently, our water purification systems are comparatively lowly priced. They extract specified impurities and consistently deliver first-rate purified water. They are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Additionally, they exploit high-level technologies, which greatly shrink the cost of purifying water. We are continually working to develop more effective and efficient water purification systems that are affordable to all. Get in touch with us if you need a customized purifier at a reasonable price point.

Premium Water Purification Equipments From NEWater

Reverse Osmosis Purifiers
Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Reverse osmosis water purification systems extract dissolved solids from raw water using partially permeable membranes. They are ideal for seawater desalination, and drinking water purification, among other applications.

Water Deionization Equipment
Water Deionization Equipment

Water deionizers get rid of dissolved ions like Ca2+ and Mg2+ by exchanging them for non-objectionable ions like H+ and OH-. They are commonly used to deionize water and soften hard water.

Electrodeionization systems
Electrodeionization Systems

Electrodeionization units primarily generate ultra-pure water. They are power-driven and they eliminate pollutant ions using ion exchange resins and membranes in a chemical-free process.

Distillation Equipment
Distillation Equipment

Distillation systems get rid of suspended solids, dissolved salts, minerals, microbiological impurities, and organic chemicals using controlled evaporation and condensation. They are commonly used in laboratories.

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers
Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers

UV water sterilizers destroy microbial impurities like viruses and bacteria using UV germicidal rays. They eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful microbiological impurities without altering the taste or odor of your water.

Water Purification Equipments Manufacturer
Looking For Top-Notch Water Purification Equipment? NEWater Is A One-Stop Shop!

NEWater’s water purification machines are uniquely manufactured to guarantee cost-efficiency, high productivity, and longevity. They are easy to install and can run for ages without demanding costly repairs or replacements.

We Offer Any Water Purification Systems You Need

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Water Purification Equipments.

Water scarcity continues to heighten as the global population grows and natural freshwater reservoirs dry up. This has forced people to seek alternative sources of freshwater such as water purification. In recent years, the use of water purification equipment has drastically risen and it is projected to grow even further in the future. Currently, water purification systems are widely used in various markets.

Which is the Most Effective Water Purification Process?

At present, there are over 10 well-established water purification methods. Singling out one technology as the definite best is quite difficult given that each process is suited to eliminating specific impurities. Reverse osmosis is proficient in extracting dissolved salts (up to 99.7%), minerals, chemicals, and microbes. 

Most Effective Water Purification Process

Ultraviolet sterilization is ideal for killing illness-causing microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Ion exchange and electrodeionization extract virtually all dissolved ions by replacing them with desirable ions. For a specific purification method to work optimally, it must be utilized in the right way. Multiple technologies can be integrated to elevate the purification levels. 

Which Impurities Are Extracted by Water Purification Machines?

Different water purification equipments remove distinct impurities. Some systems such as reverse osmosis systems eliminate a range of different pollutants while some purifiers such as UV sterilizers eliminate specific impurities. Thanks to modern water purification technologies, most impurities that lower the quality of water can be effectively removed. Here are some of the objectionable impurities, you can alienate from your water using a water purifier.

Impurities Are Extracted by Water Purification Machines

  • Dissolved salts.
  • Microbial pollutants.
  • Suspended solids.
  • Organic chemicals.
  • Minerals.
  • Proteins.
  • Bad odor and taste.
  • Metals.
  • Dissolved ions.
How Much Does a Water Purification Equipment Cost?

Water purification systems are priced based on different factors, which makes it difficult to give price quotations. You can, however, request the price quotation of a specific purifier by vising our website. Some of the factors that influence the price of water purification units include size, design, manufacturer, and quality of the material.

NEWater offers some of the best-priced water purification equipment and we also offer exclusive discounts. 

Can Water Purification Equipments Generate Safe, Drinking Water?

Yes. Water purification systems get rid of impurities, which make water undrinkable thereby generating safe and healthy drinking water. However, not all water purification systems can be used to purify drinking water. Drinking water purifiers often utilize multiple water purification technologies e.g. reverse osmosis and ultraviolet sterilization. 

Water Purification Equipments Generate Safe Drinking Water

This ensures that all impurities that can cause your body any harm are effectively removed. Additionally, to generate safe and healthy drinking water, you might be needed to post-treat the treated water using processes such as remineralization. This restores essential minerals extracted during purification. 

How Do You Maintain A Water Purification Equipment?

Water purification machines necessitate regular maintenance to continually function at an optimum rate. Maintenance of a typical water purifier is not necessarily difficult and it can be undertaken by the user. However, one should not attempt to carry out any maintenance activity if unsure. 

Some of the crucial maintenance practices include regular cleaning and replacement of worn-out components. Certain purifiers such as deionizers and water softeners, also necessitate periodical regeneration. To understand the maintenance practices and routines that apply to your water purification system, refer to the user manual provided by your manufacturer. 

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