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NEWater is a globally renowned manufacturer of top-notch water pretreatment systems. Our technicians are highly skilled and can produce highly-individualized systems to comprehensively remedy your respective water problem.

  • Illustrious experience and expertise in water pretreatment equipment manufacturing.
  • We deliver highly personalized water treatment solutions.
  • Tested, tried, and certified pretreatment units.
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What is a Water Pretreatment Equipment?

A water pretreatment equipment is a water filtration unit used to extract suspended solids and other aggressive impurities from feed water before it is injected into a primary water treatment system. It simply conditions the feed water to meet the quality standards required for the chief water purification equipment.

Water pretreatment equipment plays an integral role in water treatment. They optimize the lifespan of your primary water treatment system and augment the incessant production of high-quality treated water. They exploit various filtration technologies such as activated carbon filtration, flocculation, sedimentation, and ultrafiltration to expel aggressive constituents.

NEWater develops state-of-the-art water pretreatment systems customized to solve your unique water problem. Our intelligently crafted units can be integrated into your primary water treatment unit or sold as stand-alone equipment. We customize our systems based on the concentration and composition of your respective feed water.

NEWater’s Water Pretreatment Equipment Related Products

RO Water System

Our dynamic reverse osmosis systems are uniquely designed to optimize energy recovery, lower operational costs and eliminate a range of objectionable pollutants.

Seawater Desalination System

We manufacture a diverse range of high-quality and efficient desalination systems capable of extracting up to 99.7% of dissolved salts and generating high-grade freshwater.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

NEWater’s wastewater treatment systems incorporate numerous technologies to ensure effluent quality regulations are adhered to.

Nanofiltration System

Our nanofiltration systems alienate dissolved ions from water using partially porous membranes. They are power-efficient, highly effective, dependable, and easy to use.

Ultrafiltration System

Our reputable ultrafiltration systems eradicate suspended solids and undesirable pollutants from water effectively and efficiently. They are easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.

NEWater Electrodeionization Systems

The NEWater electrodeionization system generates ultra-pure water at 18.2MW/cm by eliminating virtually all dissolved ions. 

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Why Should You Trust NEWater’s Water Pretreatment Equipment?

Personalized Solutions

Highly-individualized water pretreatment system tailored to permanently remedy your respective water problem and meet your stringent quality demands.

Comprehensive Product Warranty

Error-proof pretreatment systems, which are protected by our one-year warranty policy and our lifetime maintenance policy. Enjoy free repairs if your system experiences a technical malfunction.

Free Technical Consultations

Consult auspicious industry experts on all matters related to water pretreatment systems. Our experts are a phone call away and they will not charge you a dime for technical advice.

Unrivaled Post-Sale Services

Enjoy cost-efficient and prompt door-to-door delivery, exclusive discounts, free installation, and technical consultations whenever you buy your pretreatment system from NEWater.

NEWater’s Water Pretreatment Equipments Primary Features:

  1. Extract virtually all suspended solids, particulates, and colloids.
  2. Eliminate hardness-causing minerals thus preventing corrosion or rusting.
  3. Quite durable.
  4. Highly individualized to offer personalized solutions.
  5. Easy to install and operate.
  6. Removes unwanted odors and tastes.
  7. Prolong the lifespan of primary water treatment systems.
  8. Relatively cost-efficient.
NEWater’s Water Pretreatment Systems Primary Features
Water Pretreatment Systems Applications

NEWater’s Water Pretreatment Systems Applications:

  • Preconditioning of feed water for ultra-pure water systems.
  • Pre-treating saline water before desalination.
  • Pharmaceutical water pretreatment.
  • Laboratory water pretreatment.
  • Wastewater pretreatment.
  • Boiler feed water preconditioning.
  • Protecting reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Drinking water pretreatment.

How to Customize Your Water Pretreatment Equipment?

To get a tailor-made water pretreatment system, kindly provide us with the following information;

  • Data on the raw water’s composition and concentration.
  • Your imminent use scenarios.
  • The desired quality of your pretreated water.
  • The prevalent industry regulations.
  • The volume of treated water needed per hour.
  • Your respective power and voltage options.
  • Your preferred design.
  • The delivery address.
Water Pretreatment System Customization

NEWater, Your Dependable Manufacturer of Water Pretreatment Equipments.

Manufacturer of Water Pretreatment Systems
Dependable Manufacturer of Water Pretreatment Systems

NEWater’s water pretreatment machines are globally revered for their unrivaled filtration rates, cost-efficiency, and ease of use. They filter out virtually all aggressive and objectionable constituents consequently protecting your primary water treatment system. Our systems are exquisitely manufactured by our outstanding engineers before being triple-tested to stamp out any margin of error.

Our technicians will work with you closely to ensure that you get a befitting solution to your respective water problem. The reverse osmosis pretreatment system consists of sediment and carbon filters, which eliminate suspended solids and organic chemicals respectively. 

Our experience in manufacturing comprehensive water pretreatment equipment dates back to 20 years ago and the positive feedback we get in plenty from our clients is a testament to the quality of our products.

Diverse and First-Rate NEWater’s Water Pretreatment Equipments

Water Softener Systems
Water Softener Systems

Water softener systems decrease the concentration of hardness-causing minerals in hard water (<75mg/L) to generate softened water. IX softeners are the most effective and prominent.

activated carbon filters
Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are employed in reverse osmosis pretreatment and wastewater pretreatment. They eliminate organic compounds, chemicals, chlorine, bad taste, and odors.

Sediment Filters
Sediment Filters

Sediment filters are deployed in most water treatment systems to extract aggressive suspended pollutants such as colloids and debris. They mitigate clogging of semi-permeable membranes.

Multi-media Filters
Multi-media Filters

Multi-media filters characteristically consist of at least three layers of distinct filtration media e.g. sand, garnet, and anthracite. They extract turbidity and suspended impurities.

Water Pretreatment System Manufacturer
We Provide You Reliable and Dynamic Water Pretreatment System!

NEWater’s water pretreatment equipment is expertly designed to optimize production and shrink operational costs. They are easy to install and can be utilized for extended periods without necessitating repairs or replacements.

All the Water Pretreatment Equipments You Need

The Complete FAQ Guide to Water Pretreatment Systems

In most water purification applications, water pretreatment units are deployed to condition the raw water and prepare it for primary and secondary treatment. A comprehensive and befitting pretreatment system ensures that your feed water is up to standard and supplements your primary purification system to guarantee an incessant supply of potable water.

What is a Water Pretreatment System?

A water pretreatment system is a filtration device used to treat raw water by extracting suspended solids and other undesirable impurities. Essentially, pretreatment systems condition the feed water to ensure it meets a specific quality standard. For instance, sediment pre-filters eliminate suspended constituents to make certain that the reverse osmosis membranes in the main water treatment system are safe from clogging.

At present, there are numerous, distinct water pretreatment systems and they all exploit different water treatment processes. The most popular water pretreatment processes include sedimentation, flocculation, chemical dosing, media filtration, and membrane-based filtration.

what is Water Pretreatment System

How Do You Pretreat Water?

Water pretreatment can be achieved using a number of distinct technologies or processes. However, the most renowned water pretreatment processes include media filtration, sedimentation, flocculation, and membrane filtration. Media filtration simply utilizes porous media such as sand, garnet, carbon, or anthracite to separate suspended solids from water. 

Membrane filtration, on the other hand, utilizes partially permeable membranes to separate specified impurities from water molecules. Prominent membrane filtration processes include reverse osmosis(RO), nanofiltration(NF), and ultrafiltration(UF). Other viable water pretreatment processes include;

  • Chemical dosing.
  • Coagulation.
  • Water softening. 
  • Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization.


Why is Water Pretreatment Important?

Primarily, pretreating your feed water before subjecting it to the main water treatment system extracts volatile impurities such as suspended particles, which can harm your primary system. Sediment filters expel suspended solids, capable of clogging your semi-permeable membranes thereby elongating their lifespans. Activated carbon filters eliminate organic chemicals known for their awful tastes and odors consequently making your drinking water more pleasant.

Water softeners exchange hardness-causing ions (Mg2+ & Ca2+) with non-objectionable potassium (K+) ions or sodium (Na+) ions consequently preventing corrosion and scaling. Pretreating your feed water mitigates premature damages and this ultimately saves you unnecessary maintenance costs.

Why is Water Pretreatment Important

Does Pretreatment Eliminate Bad Odors and Tastes?

Yes. However, to completely expel awful tastes and odors from raw water, an activated carbon filter is needed. This is because bad odors and tastes are primarily caused by organic chemicals. Pretreating your feed water using an activated carbon filter will eradicate nearly all chemicals capable of altering your water’s taste and smell. This will make your water pretty palatable.

Which Pretreatment System is Ideal for Desalination Systems?

Desalination systems are mainly utilized to extract dissolved salts and convert saline water into fresh water. Salty water drawn from oceans, seas or wells often consists of different pollutants and some of the pollutants pose a threat to the chief desalination equipment. To mitigate the premature damaging desalination systems, pretreatment units are often integrated. 

Typical desalination systems tend to include an integrated sediment filter, carbon filter, water softener, and/or ultrafiltration filter. The sediment filter gets rid of large-sized particles, debris, and colloids thereby averting membrane clogging and consequential premature damage. 

Which Pretreatment System is Ideal for Desalination Systems


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