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NEWater is a renowned and highly esteemed manufacturer of industrial wastewater evaporators. We tailor our evaporators according to your requirements to provide customized solutions.

  • High-quality and durable construction material.
  • Relatively lower energy consumption.
  • Automated operation.
  • High impurity removal rate.
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What is an Wastewater Evaporator?

A wastewater evaporator is a device used in wastewater treatment to separate water from solid waste in industrial or domestic effluent. They function fundamentally as wastewater treatment systems that process liquid waste through evaporation. Wastewater evaporators considerably reduce the volume and weight of your waste by eliminating water.

They are widely employed as sludge drying or dewatering tools. Evaporators use a range of energy sources, including hot air, fossil fuels, electricity, and solar energy, to treat wastewater. NEWater offers a broad selection of wastewater treatment evaporators built to efficiently handle both home and commercial wastewater.

NEWater’s Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment Related Products

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

We produce complete wastewater treatment systems that are made to meet or surpass your expectations and produce high-quality discharge that complies with effluent requirements.

Wastewater Recycling System

The NEWater wastewater recycling system turns industrial and residential effluent into potable water that can be utilized for irrigation and other purposes.

Sludge Dryer

Our sludge dryer uses energy-efficient technologies to remove water and other liquids from liquid waste in order to produce dry solid waste.

Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plants

We produce high-quality containerized wastewater treatment systems that are almost plug-and-play, portable, simple to use, and affordable.

Landfill Leachate Treatment

The NEWater landfill leachate treatment system removes liquid trash before it seeps into the ground, preserving groundwater reservoirs.

Membrane Bioreactor System

Our membrane bioreactor(MBR) system extracts organic matter, nitrogen, and suspended solids by combining biological treatment and membrane filtration processes.

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Why Opt for NEWater’s Wastewater Evaporator?

Comparatively More Energy-Efficient

Economically viable wastewater evaporators that consume comparatively lower amounts of power without deteriorating their performance levels.

Low Carbon Footprint

Environmentally friendly evaporators for wastewater treatment with relatively lower carbon emissions, help mitigate adverse climate change.

Customized Solution

Highly individualized wastewater evaporators tailored in size, service flow rate, construction material, design, and production capacity to gratify your requirements.

Zero Liquid Discharge Levels

Extremely effective and efficient evaporators capable of extracting virtually all liquids from your liquid waste to generate dry and hygienic sludge.

What Are the Main Components of Evaporators for Wastewater Treatment?

There are four main components of wastewater evaporators: the heating element, the evaporator body, the condenser, and the cooling element. The heating element is responsible for heating the wastewater to its boiling point. The evaporator body contains the wastewater and allows it to vaporize. The condenser condenses the vapor back into liquid form, and the cooling element cools the liquid back down to its original temperature.

_Industrial Waste Water Evaporators Features

Our Industrial Waste Water Evaporators Features:

  • Mirror-polished, sanitary inside pipes.
  • High concentration ratio (up to 1:5).
  • Supports remote control.
  • Made using corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Reduced costs of operation.
  • Requires minimal space.
  • Single support elevation.
  • Reduced power consumption.

NEWater’s Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment Applications:

  • Sludge drying.
  • Landfill leachate treatment.
  • Municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Pharmaceutical industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Treatment of liquid waste from the food industry.
  • Metal finishing wastewater treatment.
  • Treatment of liquid waste from paint production industries.
Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment Applications

NEWater, A Reliable Industrial Wastewater Evaporators Manufacturer

Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment Supplier
Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment Manufacturer

NEWater’s evaporators for water treatment are the best in the market because of their ability to effectively and efficiently remove water from wastewater. They are manufactured using the finest, non-corrosive material, which makes them resistant to volatile wastewater. Additionally, they are unsophisticated to operate, thanks to their automatic control units, which can be operated using remote controllers.

We have been providing personalized wastewater treatment solutions locally and abroad for years. Our proficient teams of R&D officials, engineers, and designers work in tandem to ensure you get a customized evaporator for your distinct wastewater treatment application.

Diverse, Finest-Quality Wastewater Evaporators from NEWater

Industrial Wastewater Evaporators
Industrial Wastewater Evaporators

Industrial wastewater evaporators are tailored to alienate water found in industrial effluent from solid waste to ensure compliance with discharge regulations.

Mobile Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment
Mobile Evaporator for Wastewater Treatment

The mobile wastewater evaporator has all its primary components assembled in a container or skid mount at the point of manufacturing.

Landfill Leachate Evaporator
Landfill Leachate Evaporator

The landfill leachate evaporator is tailor-made to suck out water from solid waste to prevent groundwater contamination through leaching.

Multiple Effect Wastewater Evaporators
Multiple Effect Wastewater Evaporators

Multiple-effect wastewater evaporators are made up of two or more vessels, often referred to as effects, which separate water from the effluent.

Wastewater Evaporator Supplier
Superior Quality Evaporator for Wastewater Manufacturer-NEWater

NEWater’s industrial wastewater evaporators are corrosion-resistant, high performing, and durable. They are fully automated and attract reduced operational costs thanks to their reduced energy consumption.

We Can Provide All the Evaporators for Wastewater Treatment You Need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what wastewater evaporators are and what they do? Wastewater evaporators are machines that are used to treat wastewater or sewage. In this section, we will be attempting to answer the internet’s frequently asked questions on evaporators for wastewater treatment with the hope of helping you advance your knowledge or procure the right equipment.

How do Wastewater Evaporators Function?

Evaporators for wastewater treatment utilize the process of evaporation, which involves the transfer of heat from the wastewater to the surrounding air to separate water from dry sludge. This transfer of heat causes the water molecules in the wastewater to change from a liquid state to a gaseous state, leaving behind the solid constituents.

What are the Advantages of Evaporators for Wastewater Treatment?

Evaporators for wastewater are crucial for protecting water resources. Here are some advantages of evaporators for wastewater treatment:

  • Wastewater evaporators help in recovering valuable water from sewage and other wastewater.
  • Wastewater evaporators help in reducing the volume of wastewater.
  • Wastewater evaporators help in reducing the pollution load on the environment.

Advantages of Evaporators for Wastewater Treatment

What is the Cost of Industrial Wastewater Evaporators?

The cost of operating an evaporator for wastewater treatment has dropped substantially in recent years thanks to the incorporation of energy recycling. A wastewater evaporator’s running expenses include labor, energy use, and maintenance. At present, the cost of evaporating wastewater using a mechanical vapor compression evaporator at an energy rate of $0.10kWh is approximately $0.01-$0.02/gallon.

Can Wastewater Evaporators Be Used to Dispose of Wastewater?

Yes, wastewater evaporators can be used to dispose of wastewater. Wastewater evaporators work by heating the water to a boiling point, where the water vapor is then collected and condensed. This process leaves behind any solid waste, making the water safe to dispose of. The water can also be subjected to further treatment to convert it into potable water.

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