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NEWater is a vastly experienced manufacturer of ultrapure water systems. Our systems are tailor-made to offer individualized solutions to our esteemed customers.

  • Uninterrupted supply of highly purified water.
  • Over 20 years of experience in systems manufacturing.
  • ISO 9001 certified systems.
  • Extremely high impurity removal rates.
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What is An Ultrapure Water System?

Ultrapure water systems are multi-stage water purification systems, which extract virtually all impurities found in raw water to generate ultrapure water. To accomplish this, ultrapure water systems employ numerous water purification processes such as electrodeionization, ion exchange, UV water sterilization, and reverse osmosis.

To assist various enterprises in meeting their demand for UPW, NEWater creates customized ultra-pure water systems with clever designs and a range of production capacities. These high-output systems typically yield high-purity water with an organic carbon concentration of under 50 ppb and a resistivity of 18.2 MOhm-cm.

NEWater’s Ultrapure Water Systems Related Products

Laboratory Ultrapure Water System

NEWater’s laboratory ultrapure water systems are uniquely designed to extract virtually all objectionable impurities and consequently generate laboratory-grade ultra-pure water.

Drinking Water Filtration System

Our drinking water filtration system generates clean, safe, and healthy drinking water by removing harmful pollutants such as pathogens, chemicals, and suspended solids.

Nanofiltration System

The NEWater nanofiltration system extracts soluble ions from water using a partially permeable membrane. It necessitates lower pressure compared to RO systems.

Ultrafiltration System

We manufacture customized ultrafiltration systems that are ideal for eliminating suspended solids from water. They are pressure-reliant and utilize semi-permeable membranes to trap impurities.

DI Water System

The NEWater deionized water system gets rid of dissolved ions from water to generate demineralized or deionized water. The system regenerates automatically.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Our reverse osmosis water systems generate Type III purified water by extracting dissolved solids, minerals, microbes, and other impurities using a partially porous membrane. 

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Why NEWater’s Ultrapure Water Systems?

Highly Individualized System

Tailor-made ultrapure water systems are uniquely designed to offer customized solutions. The system is customized to generate your desired grade of ultrapure water.

Plug-and-Play System

Our turnkey ultrapure water systems are easy to install and operate. It will only take you a few minutes to mount the system and get it running.

Appropriate Certification

All ultrapure water systems are ISO 9001 certified and they are manufactured in compliance with all local and international production standards.

Aftersales Guarantee

Each system is viable for a one-year warranty and our maintenance rates are heavily discounted. We also offer door-to-door delivery.

Impurities Eliminated by Ultrapure Water Equipments

Ultrapure water systems produce highly purified water devoid of objectionable pollutants. They eradicate virtually all waterborne impurities using a number of accomplished processes. The removal of impurities is undertaken in stages, which include pretreatment, primary treatment, and refinement. The ejected pollutants include minerals, suspended solids, microorganisms, dissolved solids, dissolved ions, chemicals, and gasses.

Impurities Eliminated by Ultrapure Water Equipments
Difference Between Ultrapure Water and Distilled Water

Difference Between Ultrapure Water and Distilled Water

Ultrapure water is purified to uncommonly high specifications meaning it is devoid of any impurities. Distilled water, on the other hand, may harbor varied concentrations of impurities such as minerals, microbes, and dissolved gases. It can be purified further to generate high-purity water.

How Do Ultrapure Water Systems Work?

How Do Ultrapure Water Systems Work?
How Do Ultrapure Water Systems Work?

Ultrapure water systems generate high-purity water in three steps, pretreatment, primary treatment, and post-treatment. During the pretreatment phase, processes such as sediment filtration and membrane filtration are deployed to extract suspended solids and dissolved constituents. 

The pretreated water is then subjected to primary treatment or filtration. Ordinarily, the primary treatment phase utilizes technologies such as deionization, ultraviolet sterilization, and vacuum degasification. This generates high-purity water, but to elevate the water quality, post-treatment is needed. 

In the post-treatment phase, the quality of purified water generated by the first and second phases is polished using technologies such as electrodeionization and UV sterilization. The end-product drawn from the system is ultrapure water characterized by a resistivity of 18.12 MΩ·cm.

Features and Applications:

NEWater’s Ultrapure Water System Features
NEWater’s Ultrapure Water System Features:
  1. The system is pre-assembled, which makes it plug-and-play.
  2. Low risk of water recontamination.
  3. Integrated pretreatment units.
  4. PLC-based control board, which makes it easy to operate.
  5. Highly durable.
  6. It is fitted with a digital meter, which tracks water quality.
  7. Total Organic Carbons are lowered to below 50 ppb.
NEWater’s Ultrapure Water Systems Applications:
NEWater’s Ultrapure Water Systems Applications:
  • Microelectronics production.
  • Laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Power and energy industries.
  • Food and beverages industries.
  • Boiler feed water purification.
  • Purification of water for injection.
  • Agricultural water treatment.

Unique, High-Quality NEWater Ultrapure Water Systems

EDI Water Purification Systems
EDI Water Purification Systems

The EDI water purification system generates ultra-pure water with a resistivity of 18.12 MΩ·cm using ion exchange resins and membranes.

Reverse Osmosis DI Water System
Reverse Osmosis DI Water System

Our reverse osmosis DI water system combines reverse osmosis and deionization to generate ultrapure water at an affordable rate.

Reverse Osmosis EDI Water System
Reverse Osmosis EDI Water System

The reverse osmosis EDI water system utilizes reverse osmosis and electrodeionization to produce ultrapure water of the highest quality.

Pharmaceutical Ultrapure Water System
Pharmaceutical Ultrapure Water System

The NEWater pharmaceutical ultrapure water system is manufactured in conformity with USP, JP, and EP standards. The system generates pharmaceutical-grade ultrapure water.

Ultrapure Water Equipments Manufacturer
NEWater| Reliable and Certified Ultrapure Water System Manufacturer for You!

NEWater manufactures efficient and dependable ultrapure water systems using cutting-edge technologies. The systems are plug-and-play, durable, and inexpensive to maintain.

We Offer All the Ultrapure Water Systems You Need

Frequently Asked Questions on Ultrapure Water Systems

The value of ultra-pure water systems to industries that rely on them can only be described as immeasurable. They provide first-rate ultra-pure water in accordance with specific industry standards, assisting businesses in complying with current regulations. If your laboratory needs to obtain ultrapure water, you can learn about our ultrapure water equipment for lab.

Underneath, we look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ultrapure water systems.

What is The Use of Ultrapure Water?

Ultrapure water is highly purified water that has been treated to unusually stringent specifications. It is commonly used in pharmaceuticals, dilution of chemicals, equipment rinsing, photolithography, and microelectronics manufacturing. To prevent recontamination, ultrapure water should be utilized immediately after it has been generated.

Use of Ultrapure Water

Is it Safe to Consume Ultrapure Water?

Ultrapure water is devoid of essential minerals found in drinking water. Drinking ultrapure water will not cause you severe health conditions but drinking it continually may affect your health. However, it can be converted into healthy drinking water through a process referred to as remineralization.

How Much Do Ultrapure Water Systems Cost?

Ultrapure water systems are generally expensive machines. However, estimating their actual prices is quite difficult since they are often manufactured as customized systems. Our ultrapure water systems are comparatively lowly priced and they can operate for a long without incurring exorbitant operational and maintenance charges. This makes them economical and worthy investments. For accurate price quotations, get in touch with us.




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