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Here at NEWater, we design, manufacture, and deliver premium portable solar-powered RO systems specialized for use in specific regions and fields. Our systems are 100% solar energy driven.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Reduced operational costs (Up to 50%).
  • Unmatched energy efficiency.
  • Easy to transport.
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What is a Portable Solar Powered RO System?

A portable solar-powered RO system is an easily movable water purification machine powered by solar energy to separate impurities from clean water using semipermeable membranes. Solar-powered RO systems are chiefly utilized in off-grid regions due to lack of electricity but their employment in other regions has increased tremendously in recent years. This is because they are universally viewed and appreciated as eco-friendlier alternatives.

They are just as effective as electricity-powered reverse osmosis systems and they eliminate varying contaminants including sediments, dissolved solids, metals, chemicals, and microbes. Portable solar-powered reverse osmosis systems are currently being used in households, industries, and commercial entities to purify seawater, tap water, well water, and brackish water.

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Portable Solar Desalination Uni

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Marine Water Maker

In addition to supplying fresh water incessantly, NEWater marine water makers are space-conscious, which leaves you with additional space on your water vessel.

Containerized Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Why Choose NEWater?


Power consumption in RO systems is always a worry but not with the portable solar-powered RO system. This device is 100% dependent on solar power, making it a more efficient alternative.

High Purification Rate

Exceptionally effective portable solar RO system with an extraordinary purification rate of up to 99.7%. This facilitates the complete eradication of pollutants like dissolved solids, chemicals, and microbes.

Compact Designs

Our portable solar reverse osmosis system with compact designs is easy to carry, comes pre-assembled, and has a small footprint.

Reduced Operational Cost by 50%

Less electricity is consumed, less manpower is required, and maintenance costs are low, thus reducing operating expenses.

Our Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Systems Features:

  • High-pressure water pumps.
  • High-capacity batteries.
  • Attached are the pre-treatment filters.
  • High filtration rate.
  • Supports TDS rates ranging from 1000-45,000ppm.
  • High flow rate.
  • High recovery rate.
  • Up to 70% power efficiency.
Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Systems Features
Applications for Portable Solar Power Water Filtration System

Wide Applications for Portable Solar Power Water Filtration System

  • Cosmetics.
  • Food processing.
  • Households.
  • Laboratories.
  • Emergency response.
  • Water vessels.
  • Construction sites.
  • Health centers.

Get a Personalized Solar Powered RO System

If your demands are not aptly met by the available standard systems, you can easily order a customized solar-powered RO system. Simply avail the underlying data:

  • Inlet water quality and composition.
  • Expected use of the system.
  • Desired quality of end-product.
  • The range of gallons needed on an hourly basis.
  • The desired design.
  • Delivery address.
Personalized Solar Powered RO System

NEWater: Revered Portable Solar Powered RO Systems Manufacturer & Supplier

NEWater, A Revered Manufacturer of Portable Solar Powered RO Systems.
NEWater, A Revered Manufacturer of Portable Solar Powered RO Systems.

NEWater is committed to providing water treatment solutions for a wider range of applications, so we have developed design solutions that use solar energy as the energy source for system supply. Our solar water treatment equipment can be classified as skid-mounted solar desalination plants, containerized solar-powered desalination systems, and solar-powered suitcase desalination units, depending on the application area and water treatment volume required. All you need to do is to give us your water treatment needs and get a free customized solution.

As innovation leaders, we are constantly exploring ways to elevate our efficiency and adaptability to unique use scenarios. We have the capacity and resources needed to flawlessly tailor your unit guaranteeing compatibility and utmost satisfaction.

Portable Solar Powered RO Systems Supplier
NEWater is Your Best Option for Portable Solar Powered RO Systems

Our portable solar-powered RO systems have a long and impressive reputation when it comes to practical and cost-efficient water treatment. They are eco-friendly and have reduced operational costs (up to 50%).

Custom Any Portable Solar Powered RO System for Your Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure for the world to lower its cumulative carbon footprint by shifting towards renewable energy sources keeps mounting as climate change grows more severe. By using a portable solar-powered RO system, you can help the global community reach its carbon footprint goals. Here are some of the answers to the most pressing questions on portable solar reverse osmosis systems.

How Does a Portable Solar-Powered RO System Work?

A portable solar-powered reverse osmosis system mimics the working principles of the typical electricity-powered RO system. However, instead of utilizing fossil fuels, the system relies on energy drawn from the sun. First, solar energy is trapped using solar panels and converted into consumable power, which is then used to power the attached pressure pump.

The removal of objectionable pollutants is undertaken in two or three stages: water pretreatment, reverse osmosis unit, and post-treatment. Pretreatment utilizes sediment filters to strap out suspended solids and prevent membrane damage. Reverse osmosis filtration utilizes partially permeable membranes to seize dissolved solids and other impurities while post-treatment refines the RO permeate.

Portable Solar-Powered RO System Work flow

What Does a Portable Solar-Powered Reverse Osmosis System Eliminate?

When it comes to pollutant removal, portable solar-powered RO systems are vastly diverse and effective. Their elimination range cuts across chemical, physical and biological impurities. Here are some of the most objectionable impurities eradicated by solar-powered RO units:

  • Dissolved solids.
  • Microbial pollutants.
  • Organic chemicals.
  • Minerals.
  • Metals.
  • Bad Smells.
  • Suspended matter.
What is the Cost of Portable Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Portable solar-powered RO systems come in a range of different specifications, sizes, designs, and capacities. All these differences account for different price tags. However, in recent years, the price of RO systems, in general, has dipped drastically. Owning a portable solar-powered RO system at present will cost you at least $1000. You can however get real-time quotations by getting in touch with your chosen manufacturer or supplier.

Cost of Portable Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Systems

Can Portable Solar Powered RO systems Produce Safe Drinking Water?

Yes. For drinking water to be deemed safe, clean, and healthy, it must be devoid of objectionable contaminants such as salts, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and metals. A portable solar RO system gets rid of these pollutants plus more to generate purified water fit for human consumption. Additionally, they make drinking water tastier and more appealing by extracting awfully smelling and tasting organic compounds.

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