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By continuously improving and designing durable NF Systems that are space-efficient and need less energy, we intend to provide products of superior quality. Contact our technical staff to learn more about the benefits of our NF System.

  • Effective in removing a wide range of pollutants.
  • Low energy and space efficiency.
  • Lower cost and longer life.
  • Professional team of water quality management experts.
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What is Nanofiltration(NF)Systems?

NF is a green water treatment technology. It is typically used to remove substances in the range of 0.5-10 nm, allowing small molecules of organic matter and monovalent ions to pass through. The cost of the equipment is low, with very low energy consumption and low operating costs.

NF membranes have excellent properties such as thermal stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and solvent resistance, high concentration multiplier, pollution resistance, high membrane flux, and low operating pressure. Therefore, it can replace the traditional costly and tedious water treatment methods in some fields.

Nanofiltration systems are widely used in industries such as electronics, food, domestic wastewater treatment, petroleum industry wastewater treatment, and pharmaceuticals.

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Ultra Filtration System

The uf system uses high quality membrane elements with high recovery rate and low energy consumption. It can be widely used in chemical industry, food and beverage, environmental protection water treatment and other fields.

RO Water System

NEWater RO water system adopts the original imported reverse osmosis membrane. We provide free water samples, quality system certification, and support one-to-one system customization.

Deionization Systems

Our deionized water treatment system uses anion and cation exchange resin to replace various anions and cations in the water to ensure the quality of the produced water.

Electrodeionization System

NEWater has specialized in the production and development of edi systems for 20 years. We provide reliable systems with high performance and stable operation. Send your inquiry now!

Demineralization System

We manufacture and supply efficient demineralized water treatment systems that reduce the use of chemicals and waste generation and are capable of producing high purity water.

Nanofiltration Membrane

NEWater provides you with high quality nf membranes, and process design, membrane software development, production and maintenance of various membrane separation systems and membrane separation units.

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Reduced Operating Costs
Save Energy Cost
Lower Fouling Rate
Fewer Discharges and Less Wastewater

How does Nanofiltration Plant Work?

Nanofiltration is a liquid-liquid separation method that utilizes the difference in the selective osmosis performance of the membrane for each component of the mixture. By using external energy or chemical potential difference as a driving force, salts and small molecules will pass through the nanofiltration membrane, while large molecules are retained by the pressure difference. It is also known as “low-pressure reverse osmosis” or “dilute reverse osmosis”.

Its filtration capacity is between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, and is mainly used for the concentration and purification of large molecules in solution.

Nanofiltration Plant Work Flow
High-quality NF Membranes

NEWater High-quality NF Membranes:

NF membranes have nanometer-sized pores and are suitable for separating dissolved components with molecular weights of 100 to 1,000 and molecular sizes of about 1 nanometer.

  • Reduction of heavy metals
  • Reduction of nitrate and sulfate content
  • Reduces color, tannins and turbidity
  • Reduction of TDS in brackish water
  • Reduces pesticides and VOCs
  • Lower feed water pressure.

Why Choose a Nanofiltration System?

In practical water treatment cases, 75% desalination is better than 95% to 99% desalination for some applications, especially if the water treatment goal can be achieved using only half the energy. Nanofiltration is therefore the preferred choice for removing hardness from water without affecting the total dissolved solids content.

NF systems are currently used mainly in the water plant or industrial desalination industry, with desalination rates of 90% or more, and reverse osmosis desalination rates of 99% or more. If the requirements for water quality are not particularly high, the use of nanofiltration systems can save a lot of costs.

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Features and Applications

NF System Features
NEWater NF System Features:
  1. With integrated cleaning concept and flushing options.
  2. Avoids deposits and extends membrane life.
  3. Equipped with long-life, high-quality components
  4. Lower maintenance and service costs.
  5. System has optional permeate flushing for the entire system including membranes
  6. Easy to maintain system construction on corrosion resistant powder coated steel or stainless steel frames.
NF System Applications
Applications of NEWater NF Plants:
  • Water softening treatment
  • Desalination of seawater
  • Removal of harmful substances from drinking water
  • Desalination of dyes and optical brighteners.
  • Waste cleaning-in-place (CIP chemical decontamination.
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Removal of nitrates/nitrites from drinking water.
  • Concentration of food, dairy, and beverage products or by-products.

NEWater Project Cases of Nanofiltration Systems

The Application of NF Equipment in the Renovation of Waste Leachate Treatment.
The Application of NF Plant in the Renovation of Waste Leachate Treatment.

Due to the long-term accumulation of leachate, there is a great change in the water quality of a domestic waste plant. As a result, the leachate treatment equipment cannot operate normally and the effluent water quality cannot meet the requirements. The focus is on the problems that existed before the renovation such as adding external ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes.

Reuse of Electroplating Wastewater Containing Zinc by NF and RO Treatment
Reuse of Electroplating Wastewater Containing Zinc by NF and RO Treatment

Electroplating wastewater contains heavy metal ions, cyanide and other pollutants, which are extremely harmful to the environment and human body if discharged directly without treatment. Membrane separation technology can achieve zero discharge and resourceful reuse of electroplating rinsing wastewater, while reducing pollution and production costs.

Coal Chemical Industry High Salt Wastewater Treatment
Coal Chemical Industry High Salt Wastewater Treatment

High-salt wastewater of coal chemical industry mainly comes from the drainage of desalination water system, gas washing wastewater, circulating water system drainage and concentrated water of water reuse system in the production process. The combined process of pretreatment – nanofiltration separation – reverse osmosis concentration – evaporation/freezing crystallization is mainly adopted to realize zero discharge of high-salt wastewater.

Nanofiltration Systems Supplier
Global Supplier of Industrial and Commercial NF Systems

NEWater offers turnkey equipment package solutions for a variety of applications using leading membrane filtration technology. This includes skid-mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, and factory tested services.

Pioneer of Nanofiltration System Manufacturer

  • NEWater has really helped our company with our water treatment issues. Their staff is friendly and professional, and the team has the experience to customize the system to my needs.

  • Working with NEWater was great! Their team worked around my schedule and NEWater is the most professional NF plant manufacturer & supplier I have ever worked with.

  • NEWater’s custom nanofiltration system service is really great! The equipment I received was very high quality and exceeded my expectations. It also came with plenty of accessories. Thank you so much NEWater!

NEWater NF Systems

For 20 years, we have been a trusted top supplier of ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis systems, and nanofiltration NF filtration systems for the water treatment industry. NEWater produces and provides high-quality NF membranes to ensure the efficient operation of the system. Our low-pressure membranes deliver up to 85% output and up to 90% salt retention for maximum permeation performance at low operating pressures and high throughput. This can effectively reduce your project investment and operating costs. Produced water quality can be easily adapted to specific customer requirements.

NEWater’s nanofiltration NF plant can help you improve the quality of your products or the safety of your workplace. We have a high level of confidence in the quality and performance of the nanofiltration systems we offer.

Contact us today to learn more about how NEWater NF filtration systems can benefit your business. Email:

What is the Difference Between Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis?

Nanofiltration, between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. While nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems have similar designs and operational uses, there are some differences between the two.

Nanofiltration (NF) is similar to a bridge between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes in water treatment. NF membranes have pore sizes ranging from 0.01 to slightly less than 0.001 and are therefore also known as “softening” membranes. Nanofiltration is not as stringent as reverse osmosis, it can work with relatively low feed water pressure, and it cannot remove singly charged ions from water as reverse osmosis membranes can. Typically NF membrane systems allow more salt to pass through than RO membranes, which may have a desalination rate of 80% or less, with hardness removal typically remaining above 90%, while reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 99% of chloride and sodium.

Difference Between Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis


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