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NEWater’s expertise in liquid filter bag manufacturing spans over 15 years. We customize the micron-rating of our filter bags to make certain your demands are satisfactorily met.

  • Low cost.
  • Diverse chemical compatibility.
  • Elevated dirt holding capacity.
  • Low-pressure drop.
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What is a Liquid Filter Bag?

Liquid filter bags are unique and simple filtration devices primarily used to strain out unwanted constituents from varying liquids. They are chiefly used in filtration processes that do not necessarily require high filtration rates. Typical liquid filter bags come in a range of different micron ratings (often 1-200 microns).

They are usually made from different materials key amongst them being mesh, polypropylene and polyester felt. Liquid filter bags are generally low-cost systems and they can be used commercially or industrially. NEWater provides high-quality felt and mesh filter bags individualized to facilitate customized liquid filtration.

NEWater’s Liquid Filter Bag Related Products

PP Filter Bag

The NEWater PP filter bag is manufactured using premium-quality polypropylene with a glazed finish to elevate its dirt-holding capacity and make them economical.

PE Filter Bag

Our A-list PE filter bag is made from polyester and has singed fabric, which thwarts fiber breakage during the filtration process.

NMO Filter Bag

The NEWater NMO filter bag is cleanable, extremely strong, and comes in a range of distinct micron ratings. It is utilized in numerous liquid filtration applications.

PTFE Filter Bag

Our PTFE filter bag utilizes partially porous polytetrafluoroethylene to strain objectionable elements from liquids even under hostile conditions.

Stainless Steel Filter Bag

The NEWater stainless steel filter bag facilitates consistently high filtration thanks to the use of superior-quality stainless steel mesh, which is corrosion-resistant.

LCR Oil Adsorption Filter Bag
LCR Oil Adsorption Filter Bag

Our LCR oil adsorption filter bag comprises three layers of microfiber filter media to guarantee the effective removal of oil from liquid solutions.

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Why NEWater’s Liquid Filter Bag?

Impeccable Dirt Holding Capacity

High-performance liquid filter bags capable of trapping and seizing large amounts of unwanted pollutants before their filtration efficiency deteriorates.

Diverse Filtration Rating

Highly versatile liquid filter bags available in a range of distinct filtration ratings (1-200 microns). This facilitates the optimal removal of numerous pollutants.

High Flow Rates

High-flow rate liquid filter bags are designed intelligently to filter large volumes of liquids at a comparatively higher rate than ordinary liquid filter bags.

Wide Chemical Compatibility

High-quality liquid filter bags are made of strong materials that can withstand a broad range of volatile chemicals and operate continually with minimal or no breakdowns.

How Do Liquid Filter Bags Function?

Liquid filter bags primarily strain out undesirable constituents from liquid solutions using microfiltration. They are commonly deployed in water filtration as well as other liquid separation applications. The incoming liquid is forced through a series of bag filters made up of microscopic and partially perforated pores, which seize and hold varying contaminants.

The range and nature of unwanted elements seized by the liquid bag filter depend on the size of the filter pores. Liquid bag filters can withstand a broad range of volatile chemicals and they often have higher flow rates. They generate highly filtered water free of sand, colloids, debris, and other suspended solids.

How Do Liquid Filter Bags Function?
NEWater’s Liquid Filter Bag Features:

NEWater’s Liquid Filter Bag Features:

  • Diverse micron ratings (1-200microns).
  • Relatively higher flow rates.
  • Elevated dirt holding capacity.
  • High chemical compatibility.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • High-quality materials.
  • They are cleanable.
  • Impressive sealing arrangement.

NEWater’s Liquid Filter Bag Applications

  • Water pretreatment.
  • Food and beverages.
  • Power plants.
  • Refineries.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Oils and cutting fluids.
  • Paints.
NEWater’s Liquid Filter Bag Applications

NEWater, A Seasoned Liquid Filter Bag Manufacturer in China

NEWater, A Seasoned Liquid Filter Bag Manufacturer in China
NEWater, A Seasoned Liquid Filter Bag Manufacturer in China

NEWater’s high-grade liquid filter bags are often preceded by their admirable reputation that spans the entire globe. They are tremendously revered in China and abroad for their high performance, cost-efficiency, diverse filtration ratings, and wide chemical compatibility. They are applicable in a number of industries and they are quite simple to maintain.

We take pride in our esteemed unit of engineers, who are more than well-equipped to manufacture customized bag filters and bag filter housings for you. Our tailor-made liquid filter bags will guarantee satisfactory filtration rates and can include your preferred branding information.

Liquid Filter Bag
Looking for A Top-Notch Liquid Filter Bag? Find it at NEWater!

NEWater’s liquid filter bag is available in a range of different materials, designs, sizes, and flow rates. The bag filter is resistant to volatile chemicals and is quite economical to use.

We Can Provide All the Liquid Filter Bags You Need!

  • These filter bags are very good quality, I am very satisfied and their service is also very good.

  • I am very happy to work with NEWater. Being NEWater’s filter bag distributor is a right decision.

  • After looking at NEWater’s samples and comparing many manufacturers I chose them. I have purchased many filter bags. They are very cost-effective!

Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid filter bags are simple filtration units often deployed in liquid processing and water filtration, both at a commercial and industrial scale. They are available in a range of different classifications and this can make finding the right bag filter an uphill task for many. Beneath, we will look at the most frequently raised questions on liquid filter bags.

Can You Reuse a Liquid Filter Bag?

Yes. Washable or cleanable liquid filter bags can be reused after they have been thoroughly washed. Cleaning the filter bag gets rid of the trapped dirt and other seized contaminants thereby restoring the filter’s optimal filtration capacity. Washing a liquid filter bag should be done gently using clean water to avoid damaging the bag filter.

Can You Reuse a Liquid Filter Bag?

What are the Advantages of Liquid Filter Bags?

Liquid filter bags are continually growing in prominence thanks to their multiple advantages. For one, they are simple to use, highly effective, and versatile. Other advantages of liquid filter bags include:

  • Low-pressure drop.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Diverse filtration ratings (1-200 microns).
  • Impressive dirt-holding capacity.
How Can I Buy the Perfect Liquid Filter Bag?

Liquid filter bags are available in a range of different classifications and choosing the right filter for your application can be quite an uphill task. However, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself before going into the market looking a liquid filter bag.

  • What type of liquid do you need to filter?
  • What filtration rate do you need to achieve?
  • What volume of liquid do you need to be filtered in gallons per hour?
  • Which impurities do you want straining out?
When Should You Replace Your Liquid Filter Bag?

Over time, liquid filter bags lose their optimal filtration efficiency prompting replacement. This is mainly a consequence of clogging and damage caused by aggressive constituents. However, most bag filters have prolonged lifespans and can service you impressively for 1-4 years. To understand when your filter bag needs replacing, keep a close eye on the pressure differential. Once you notice a significant pressure drop (mostly 15psi or higher) it is time to substitute your liquid filter bag.

When Should You Replace Your Liquid Filter Bag?

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