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NEWater is an auspicious and vastly experienced manufacturer of lab water purification equipment. We can design and manufacture your system uniquely to offer individualized solutions. 

  • One-year warranty on all lab water purifiers.
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  • Exemplary customer service.
  • Continuous supply of laboratory-grade purified water.
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What is a Lab Water Purification System?

A lab water purification system is an advanced water purification unit specialized to continuously generate laboratory-grade purified water for distinct laboratory uses. Laboratories often necessitate varying kinds of purified water hence there are distinct types of lab water purification equipment. 

At present, the most prominent water purification systems for laboratories include reverse osmosis systems, water deionizers, and ultrapure water systems. These advanced and high-yielding systems utilize accomplished technologies such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, UV sterilization, and electrodeionization(EDI).

NEWater’s Lab Water Purification Systems Related Products

DI Water System

The NEWater DI water system exchanges pollutant cations and anions with non-objectionable H+ and OH- ions to generate high-grade deionized water.

Electrodeionization System

Our electrodeionization system generates ultra-pure water in a chemical-free process that utilizes ion exchange resins and membranes.

Ultra-pure Water Systems

NEWater ultra-pure water systems combine numerous water purification units to purify water to unusually stringent purification levels.

Water Filtration Systems

The NEWater water filtration system eliminates suspended solids, dissolved matter, and microbes, and reduces turbidity to generate clean, fresh water.

Water Softener System for home

We manufacture premium-quality water softeners that extract hardness-causing minerals as well as traces of iron to generate soft water that is friendly to human skin and hair.

Seawater Desalination System

Our desalination system mainly utilizes reverse osmosis to eliminate up to 99.7% of dissolved salts from saline water consequently yielding high-quality freshwater.

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Why Opt for NEWater’s Lab Water Purification Equipment?

Supply of Laboratory-Grade Water

Extremely durable lab water purifiers that provide an alternative and adjustable source of laboratory-grade water when needed.

Low Operational Costs

Installation, labor, power consumption, and maintenance costs of NEWater lab water purifiers are relatively low. This makes them economically viable solutions to lab water scarcity.

Premium Quality Certification

All NEWater lab water purification systems are ISO 9001:2015 certified and they exceed the quality standards set out by the European CE.

Effective Removal of all Pollutants

Effective and versatile lab water purifiers for eradicating microbes, dissolved solids, metals, chemicals, and suspended solids.

How Do Lab Water Purification Systems Work?

Laboratory water purification systems convert raw water into laboratory-grade purified water using a number of well-known water purification technologies. To generate high-grade purified water, numerous processes may be integrated. The most prominent lab water purification technologies presently in use are:

Lab Water Purification Systems Work Flow
Lab Water Purification Systems Produced water

What Quality of Purified Water Do Lab Water Purification Systems Generate?

Laboratory water purification equipment can generate varied grades of purified water depending on the quality of the raw water and the type of purification mechanism deployed. Reverse osmosis systems generate Type III purified water, lab water DI systems generate Type II purified water, while ultra-pure water systems for laboratories yield highly purified (Type I) water.

Which is the Best Lab Water Purification Equipment?

Presently, there are over 5 well-known lab water purification systems. However, rating these systems from best to worst is nearly impossible since they are all specially designed to accomplish distinct roles. NEWater is a comprehensive manufacturer of lab water purifiers and our most revered systems include;

  • Reverse osmosis systems for laboratory.
  • Lab water distillation systems.
  • Laboratory DI water systems.
  • Small RO/DI systems.
  • Laboratory UV water sterilizers.
Best Lab Water Purification Equipment

NEWater, The Leading Manufacturer of Lab Water Purification Systems

Lab Water Purification Systems Supplier

NEWater’s lab water purification systems are prominent and greatly honored in China and abroad courtesy of their impeccable productivity and unrivaled cost-efficiency. They extract a broad range of unwanted impurities from tap water to yield laboratory-grade purified water. They combine reputable technologies such as deionization and reverse osmosis to generate highly purified water.

Our expertise in lab water purification systems manufacturing dates back to 2005. Since then we have provided comprehensive laboratory water purification solutions to over 5000 clients in 100 different countries.

What You Want to Know about NEWater Lab Water Purification Systems

Lab Water Purification Systems featurer
NEWater Lab Water Purification Systems Features:
  1. Effective removal of all objectionable impurities.
  2. Self-priming door.
  3. ABS engineering plastic casing.
  4. Touch screen control board.
  5. Fitted with self-cleaning filters.
  6. Supports real-time monitoring.
  7. Easy to maintain.
  8. They are customizable. 
Lab Water Purification Systems application
NEWater’s Lab Water Purification Systems Applications:
  • Medical laboratories.
  • Academic research laboratories.
  • Agricultural research laboratories.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Industrial laboratories.
  • Spectrophotometry.
  • Liquid chromatography.
  • Microbiological analysis.

Diverse, Superior-Quality Lab Water Purification Systems from NEWater

Laboratory DI Water System
Laboratory DI Water System

The laboratory DI water system employs ion exchange to yield laboratory-grade deionized water, which is typically classified as Type II water.

Distilled Water System for Laboratory
Distilled Water System for Laboratory

The laboratory water distiller generates high-quality distilled water by eradicating unwanted pollutants through evaporation and condensation.

Laboratory Reverse Osmosis System
Laboratory Reverse Osmosis System

The NEWater laboratory RO system utilizes a partially permeable membrane to filter out undesirable impurities consequently yielding laboratory-grade Type III water.

RO DI System for Laboratory
RO/DI System for Laboratory

The laboratory RO/DI water system consists of a complete reverse osmosis system conjoined to an elaborate deionizer. This combination elevates the quality of purified water produced.

Lab Water Purification System Supplier
Looking for a High-Quality Laboratory Water Purification System? Find it at NEWater!

NEWater’s lab water purification systems are comparatively cheaper to purchase, operate and maintain. They can run incessantly for long timeframes without disintegrating or needing repairs.

We Can Provide All the Lab Water Purification Systems You Need!

 Lab Water Purification Systems Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of laboratory applications and activities are water reliant and the quality of water demanded varies depending on the specifications of the application. Laboratory water purification equipment allows laboratories to meet their qualitative and quantitative demands efficiently and conveniently.

What Are the Advantages of Using Lab Water Purification Systems?

In essence, water purification systems for laboratories provide laboratories with an alternative and adjustable source of laboratory-grade purified water. These systems are advantageous in a number of ways including:

  • Effective elimination of various kinds of pollutants.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Continuous supply of laboratory-grade purified water.
  • Extremely durable membranes and filters.
How Do I Purchase the Perfect Lab Water Purification System?

Purchasing the right equipment for the right role is paramount if you intend to get value for your money. To purchase the perfect water purification unit for your laboratory, you should begin by deliberating on the following factors.

  • Raw water quality.
  • Use scenario.
  • Quality of purified water needed.
  • The volume of purified water needed.

Best Lab Water Purification System

How Much Do Lab Water Purification Systems Cost?

Thanks to technological advancements, the price of water purification systems in general has steadily dropped and this includes lab water purification equipment. However, price estimations provided on the internet can be misleading given that different pieces of equipment have different specifications. For accurate quotations, you are advised to directly contact your manufacturer of choice.

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