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Because of NEWater’s dedication to sustainability, we can tailor our equipment solutions and expertise to ensure that your plant produces the effluent quality you require.

  • Free customization to accommodate diverse usage requirements.
  • Allows for automated backwashing.
  • Resistance to corrosion and extended service life.
  • Serving global clients for over 20 years. 
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What is an Industrial Water Filter?

An industrial water filter is a staff-operated device that is used to remove impurities from water. It typically has a large capacity and can filter out a variety of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, and dirt. Industrial water filters are also relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for many businesses and organizations.

Industrial water filters are used in a variety of settings, from manufacturing plants to hospitals. They are designed to remove impurities from water, making them safe for staff and customers. NEWater industrial water filters come in a variety of sizes and can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your business. They are also very affordable, making them a great investment for any business. 

Industrial Water Filter Related Products

Industrial Sand Filter

Our premium-quality sand filters are designed to minimize the use of raw water and increase your capability to conduct high-quality tasks

Pressure Sand Filter

NEWater pressure sand filters aim to remove turbidity and suspended particles from the water with as little pressure loss as possible.

Quartz Sand Filter

NEWater developed a quartz sand filter for a complete water treatment solution designed for commercial and industrial use with extended life. 

NEWater carbon sand filters reduce suspended particles and bacteria. Automatic backwashing cleans the filtering media, sand, or carbon.

NEWater Cooling Tower Sand Filter is a high-performance filter that cuts down on corrosion under deposits, gets rid of food for biological activity, and makes the basin last longer.

Multimedia Filter

Newater manufacture multimedia filter of superior quality to lower the number of suspended solids (turbidity) in incoming feed water. 

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Why NEWater Industrial Water Filter?


First and foremost, they are professionals who use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and creative approaches to product creation.


Experienced Team

Experience Knowledgeable and Skilled Personnel team. Our Team Has Years of Experience in the Manufacturing Industry


NEWater industrial water filter is cost-effective because you are buying directly from the manufacturer and cutting out the intermediary.


Travel time for cargo is reduced and its safety is ensured. NEWater will take care of the shipping and deliver your goods intact. 

How does an Industrial Water Filter Work?

There are two main types of industrial water filters: surface filters and depth filters. Surface filters, also known as screen filters, work by straining out particles from the water as it passes through a mesh. Depth filters, on the other hand, work by trapping particles in a bed of media. As water passes through the filter, the particles become trapped in the media and are eventually removed when the filter is cleaned.

Industrial water filters play an important role in ensuring that water is safe for use. They can remove a variety of contaminants, including metals, sediment, and bacteria. In addition, they can help to improve the taste and smell of water by removing chlorine and other chemicals. Industrial water filters can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and factories.

Industrial Water Filter Function
_Benefits of using Industrial Water Filters

What are Some of the Benefits of using Industrial Water Filters? 

Water is an important part of many industrial processes, but it can also be a major source of contamination. Industrial water filters play an important role in reducing energy costs, lowering costs of maintenance, and increasing operational efficiency while sustaining production. 

By filtering out impurities, industrial water filters can help to reduce the amount of energy needed to clean and purify water, as well as the amount of waste produced. In addition, filtered water can help improve equipment and machinery efficiency by preventing build-up and corrosion.

NEWater: Industrial Water Filter Manufactuer and Supplier

Industrial Water Filter Manufacturer
Industrial Water Filter Manufacturer (1)

NEWater industrial water filter comes with an innovative design and advanced production technology. You will get the highest form of professionalism from inquiry to sending products to your desired location. We ensure direct delivery of your industrial water filter from our factory to the location you tell us to deliver. 

Our in-house, highly experienced quality control team ensures every product that goes out of the factory is 100% functional with no manufacturing error. 

NEWater Industrial Water Filter Features

Industrial Water Filter Featurers
NEWater Industrial Water Filter Features
  1. Rugged and reliable construction that can withstand high pressures
  2. Easy to keep clean and maintain manually or automatically
  3. Customizable inlet and exhaust port configurations
  4. Can be used to remove substances such as bacteria and viruses
  5. Vertical and horizontal formats to meet the needs of different applications
  6. Low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.
    Efficient operation that lasts longer
  7. Built-in micro-porosity, small enough to block the passage of unwanted substances
Industrial Water Filter Applications
NEWater Industrial Water Filter Applications
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food&Beverage Industry
  • Pulp&Paper Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Wastewater treatment Industry
  • Metal processing Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Tap water treatment Industry
  • Automotive Industry

Various Operations of NEWater Industrial Water Filter

Industrial Water Filter for Chemical Operations
Industrial Water Filter for Chemical Operations

Industrial water filters are used to remove contaminants from water before it is used in manufacturing processes. One of the main benefits is that they are able to remove a wide range of contaminants protecting the health of workers and the environment.

Industrial Water Filter Makes Food Hygenic
Industrial Water Filter Makes Food Hygenic

They are used to remove impurities and contaminants from water before it is used in production. This is important because it ensures that the food and beverages that are produced are of the highest quality.

Industrial Water Filter Makes Drinking Water Safe
Industrial Water Filter Makes Drinking Water Safe

Industrial water filter application in the tap water treatment industry is becoming increasingly important as the water quality in many parts of the world is deteriorating. These filters can remove a wide range of contaminants, from particulate matter and chemicals to microbiological contaminants.

Industrial Water Filter Maintains Drug Quality
Industrial Water Filter Maintains Drug Quality

Microorganisms can be eliminated from pharmaceutical production water using industrial water filters. Pharmaceuticals are contaminated and ruined by bacteria. They are crucial in this industry.

Industrial Water Filter Manufacturer (2)
Looking for a Top Rated Supplier of Industrial Water Filters? It's Available in NEWater.

NEWater industrial water Filters offer advantages for various industrial, municipal, domestic, and commercial applications. It can provide safer and healthier filtered water for various sectors that require strict water parameters.

We Can Provide all the Boat Water Makers that you Need

NEWater Industrial Water Filter

Industrial water filters are an important part of any industrial operation. They help to remove impurities from water, making it safe for consumption or use in manufacturing processes. A wide variety of industrial water filters are available on the market, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. 

To help you make the best decision for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about industrial water filters. 

1. What are the Best Materials for Making the Housing for an Industrial Water Filter?

Filter?There are a number of different materials that can be used for industrial water filter housing, depending on the specific needs of the application. For example, plastic is a popular choice because it is lightweight and resistant to rust. 

However, plastic may not be strong enough to withstand the harsh working environments in some industries. In these cases, metal such as stainless steel or aluminum may be a better choice. These metals are much more durable and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. 

Additionally, they are often less prone to corrosion than other materials. Ultimately, the best material for industrial water filter housing will depend on the application’s specific requirements. 

But one thing is fixed, and that is the material must be rust-resistant and can tackle the pressure of an industrial working environment. 

Depending on your preferences, NEWater has a variety of high-quality industrial water filters available in a variety of materials. Get in touch with us for customized solutions.

2. Which Sorts of Filtration Systems are Used for Water in Factories?

There are many different industrial water filtration systems, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Ultraviolet water purification effectively kills bacteria but does not remove dissolved minerals or chemicals from the water. 

Bag filters are able to remove large particles from the water, but they need to be regularly replaced and can be expensive to operate. Coolant filtration systems help extend machinery’s life by removing contaminants from the coolant fluid, but they can be cumbersome to install and maintain. 

Media filters are able to remove a wide range of contaminants, but they require regular backwashing and can be expensive to operate. Reverse osmosis is effective at removing dissolved minerals and chemicals from water, but it is a slow process and can waste a lot of water. 

Sand or centrifugal separators are able to remove small particles from the water, but they can clog quickly and are not effective at removing dissolved minerals or chemicals.

Filtration Systems are Used for Water in Factories

3. How can you Maintain Industrial Water Filter?

Most industrial water filters use one of two types of filtration: activated carbon or reverse osmosis. 

Activated carbon filters are typically used to remove chlorine, chemicals, and dissolved organic matter from water, while reverse osmosis filters are designed to remove dissolved inorganic matter, such as salts and metals. Depending on the type of filter being used, the frequency of maintenance will vary. 

For example, activated carbon filters will need to be replaced more frequently than reverse osmosis filters. In general, however, all industrial water filters will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming clogged and ineffective. 

The best way to clean an industrial water filter is to backwash it with clean water. This process removes any trapped particles from the filter media and helps to prolong the life of the filter.

Maintain Industrial Water Filter

4. What Should You Think About Before Buying a Commercial Water Filter?

When choosing an industrial water filter, there are a number of factors to consider to ensure you are selecting the best possible option for your needs. First, you will need to decide what type of filtration is required. 

There are a variety of filtration methods available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Once you have selected a method, you will need to consider the required quality standards for your particular application. 

Filters are graded according to their ability to remove contaminants, so it is important to select one that meets or exceeds the standards for your industry. You will also need to consider the level of contamination in the water and the type of contaminants present. 

Finally, you should consider the operational costs of the filters, including both the initial purchase price and the ongoing costs of replacement filters and maintenance. By considering all of these factors, you can be confident that you are choosing the best possible industrial water filter for your needs.

If you need an affordable industrial water filter, go no further than NEWater. A 20-year history of groundbreaking improvements and raving reviews from our wholesaler clients. Get the most up-to-date pricing information by sending us a request to buy.

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