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NEWater is a credible and seasoned manufacturer of A-list industrial self-cleaning water filters. We tailor our self-cleaning filters based on the data given to ensure optimal satisfaction.

  • Automatic self-cleaning.
  • Ceaseless supply of filtered water.
  • One-year warranty protection.
  • Guaranteed cost-efficiency.
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What are Industrial Self Cleaning Water Filters?

Industrial self-cleaning water filters are automatic water filtration systems designed to remove impurities from water and initiate self-cleaning automatically. These filters typically remove objectionable contaminants, including sediment, rust, algae, and other particulates. The self-cleaning feature of these filters means that they can be used continuously without the need for manual cleaning or replacement.

This can save time and money in the long run, as well as ensure a consistent supply of clean water. Industrial self-cleaning water filters ate specially built for industrial water treatment applications. As such, they are available in a range of high-capacity options.

NEWater’s Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Related Products

Industrial Water Filter

Our industrial water filter extracts a myriad of particulates including sediments, colloids, and turbidity to yield high-quality filtered water fit for distinct industrial applications.

Industrial Sand Filter

The NEWater industrial sand filter has a highly effective filtration media made of fine sand, which seizes suspended matter to achieve a 5-micron filtration score.

Industrial Cartridge Water Filters

NEWater’s industrial cartridge water filters support high flow rates and are highly revered for effectively filtering out Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and shrinking turbidity levels.

Inline Industrial Water Filters

We manufacture inline industrial water filters that can be easily installed on your main water supply line to effectively filter out colloids, sediments, and other objectionable particulates.

FRP Water Filter

Our FRP water filter extracts a broad range of suspended solids as well as bad smells and tastes to generate high-grade filtered water fit for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Industrial Bag Filter Housing

The NEWater industrial bag filter housing comes in a range of different materials, sizes, and designs. It can withstand high pressure and is resistant to rust.

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Why Opt for Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters from NEWater?

Automatic Self-Cleaning

Fully automated industrial water filters that utilize system pressure to automatically clean themselves and restore optimal filtration capacity.

Customized Solutions

Tailor-made industrial self-cleaning water filters are fine-tuned in capacity, size, and design to meet your unique use scenarios and qualitative demands.

Uninterrupted Supply of Filtered Water

Long-serving self-cleaning water filters can filter enormous amounts of water even while the self-cleaning process is ongoing.


Competitively-priced industrial self-cleaning water filters that are energy-efficient, require minimal human labor and are generally economical to operate.

How Do Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Function?

NEWater industrial self-cleaning filters continuously capture and remove oversized and unwanted contaminants from the water by utilizing a system of wipers inside the filter. The wiper system is rotatable and is used to clean the inside of the filter. At the same time, it pushes high-quality material through the screen and moves contaminants downward, where they are collected and discharged.

Due to the automatic filter mechanism, the liquid is allowed to filter through the machine in a continuous flow and the oversized material is removed by a mechanical wiper inside the filter.

Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Function
Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Features

NEWater’s Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Features

  • Automatic and self-initiated cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning is reliant on system pressure.
  • High flow rates (up to 1500m3/hr.).
  • Effectively eliminates TSS and other particulates.
  • Made of anti-corrosive, strong materials.
  • Working pressure varies from 2-16 bar.
  • Water filtration is not halted during self-cleaning.
  • Inlet and outlet port positions can be swapped.

NEWater’s Industrial Self Cleaning Water Filters Applications

  • Pretreatment in industrial RO systems.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Drinking water filtration.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Boiler feed water filtration.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Oil refineries.
  • Power plants.
Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Applications

NEWater, A Reliable Industrial Self Cleaning Water Filters Manufacturer

Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Manufacturer
Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters Supplier

The first thing that sets NEWater’s industrial self-cleaning water filters apart is the fact that they use a two-step filtration process. This means that water is filtered twice, which makes the final product much cleaner and purer. Additionally, the self-cleaning feature of these filters means that they require very little maintenance, which is ideal for busy industrial settings.

NEWater’s industrial self-cleaning water filters are designed to be extremely durable and to filter huge volumes of water continuously. This means that they can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and will not need to be replaced as often as other types of filters.

Diverse, High-End Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters from NEWater

Industrial Self-Cleaning RO Water Filter
Industrial Self-Cleaning RO Water Filter

The industrial self-cleaning RO water filter system eradicates a plethora of diverse pollutants and is fitted with a membrane cleaning unit, which undertakes membrane cleaning automatically.

Industrial Self-Cleaning Sand Filter
Industrial Self-Cleaning Sand Filter

The industrial self-cleaning sand filter primarily removes turbidity by lowering the concentration of suspended solids in water.

Industrial Self-Cleaning Sand Filter
Industrial Self-Cleaning Multi-Media Filter

NEWater’s industrial self-cleaning multi-media filter filters water to more stringent levels and can automatically initiate the backwash process to dislodge accumulated impurities.

Industrial Self-Cleaning Activated Carbon Filter
Industrial Self-Cleaning Activated Carbon Filter

The industrial self-cleaning activated carbon filter has a PLC control board that signals the launch of the self-cleaning process once specified parameters are met.

Industrial Self Cleaning Water Filter Supplier
Searching for a Durable Industrial Self Cleaning Water Filter? Find it at NEWater!

NEWater’s industrial self-cleaning water filters feature PLC control units, which automate most of their functions including cleaning. They are competitively priced and relatively low-cost to maintain.

We Can Provide All the Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters You Need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-cleaning water filters are a great addition to any enterprise that needs clean and safe water. They keep your water running smoothly while removing any impurities, which makes them ideal for use in settings such as factories and food processing plants. This article will answer some of the most common questions about self-cleaning filters so that you can feel confident in your purchase.

Why do I Need an Industrial Self-cleaning Water Filter?

You may need an industrial self-cleaning water filter if you have a business that uses large amounts of water on a regular basis. If your business requires clean water for production or other purposes, an industrial self-cleaning water filter can help to ensure that the water you are using is free of impurities.

How Much does an Industrial Self-cleaning Water Filter Cost?

The cost of an industrial self-cleaning water filter will vary depending on the specific model you choose as well as the vendor you purchase it from. In general, however, most filters will cost between $500 and $2000.

Industrial Self-cleaning Water Filter Cost

What are the Pros of Using an Industrial Self-cleaning Water Filter?

There are many benefits to using an industrial self-cleaning water filter. Filtered water is generally free of more impurities than unfiltered water, which can result in better quality products or less downtime due to equipment malfunctions. Additionally, filtered water can extend the life of your equipment by preventing corrosion and scale buildup.

How Often do I Need to Replace My Industrial Self-cleaning Water Filter?

The frequency with which you need to replace your filter will depend on the specific model you have as well as the water quality in your area. Generally speaking, most filters will need to be replaced every 6 months to 2 years.

Are These Filters Automated?

NEWater industrial self-cleaning filters remove contaminants continuously and the collected debris can be discharged manually or automatically. The fluid is continuously filtered and discharged through connecting tubes. No additional operators are required for the entire process, enabling a fully automated in-line filtration system and reducing labor costs.

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