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NEWater industrial sand filters are the most effective way for you to remove sediment from your water. We manufacture standard and customized industrial sand filters.

  • High-quality silted water devoid of suspended solids.
  • Iron removal.
  • Effective pretreatment for membrane-based filters.
  • Vast experience in water filtration systems manufacturing.
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What is an Industrial Sand Filter?

Industrial sand filters are relatively high-volume water filtration systems where the sand filter is filled with sand and uses a single-size filter media to extract suspended solids. Typical industrial sand filters capture large-sized suspended constituents, typically between 50-100 microns, through processes such as absorption and mechanical encapsulation. They are a common solution for industrial sand filtration and are typically used for large water treatment applications such as industrial wastewater treatment.

Both sand and multimedia filters are used to remove particles from water. And often multimedia filters have multiple layers of filter media to remove finer size suspended solids. They greatly enhance the quality of water by filtering out suspended matter and turbidity.

NEWater’s Industrial Sand Filters Related Products.

Pressure Sand Filter

NEWater pressure sand filters are capable of shrinking the concentration of suspended solids between 30 and 50 microns to below 5ppm.

Quartz Sand Filter

The NEWater quartz sand filter reduces water turbidity by extracting suspended solids using quartz sand as the primary filtration media.

Carbon Sand Filter

Our distinguished carbon sand filter utilizes layers of carbon and sand to filter out organic chemicals, suspended solids, chlorine, bad taste, and odors.

Cooling Tower Sand Filter

The NEWater cooling tower sand filter eliminates scales, dust, and algae consequently preventing corrosion, contamination, and clogging of your cooling tower.

Multimedia Filter

We manufacture high-performance multimedia filters that shrink turbidity and extract suspended solids using three layers of filtration media; garnet, sand, and anthracite. 

UV Water Filter

Our UV water filter utilizes germicidal radiation to kill harmful microbial pollutants like bacteria and viruses. It protects every individua from waterborne illnesses.

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Why Choose NEWater’s Industrial Sand Filters?

Value For Money

High-quality industrial sand filters available at competitive and comparatively lower prices with relatively lower costs of production and maintenance.

Customized Solutions

Tailor-made industrial sand filters designed to be used in your respective application and to gratify your unique silted water quality demands.

Extended Filter Warranty

Long-lasting and error-proof industrial sand filters eligible for a minimum of one-year warranty protection.

Authenticated Filters

All industrial sand filters are ISO 9001 certified. They are manufactured in strict conformity to the prevailing local and international standards.

How to Determine the Size of the Industrial Sand Filter?

The size of an industrial sand filter needs to be determined based on the process characteristics of the water treatment. You can size an industrial sand filter based on the following factors.

1) Solids concentration

2) Discharge limits and destinations

3) Backwash water source

4) Size of particles to be filtered

Industrial Sand Filters Work Flow
Size of the Industrial Sand Filter

How Do Industrial Sand Filters Work?

Industrial sand filtration works by applying intense pressure to the water and driving it through the layers of sand from the top to the bottom of the tank. As the water trickles down, the porous sand media traps trash, debris, colloids, suspended solids, and other contaminants.

As the water cycles through, smaller constituents are also filtered out ultimately generating highly silted water.  After prolonged filtration, the sand becomes too dense due to the accumulation of trapped impurities. This necessitates the commencement of the backwashing process.

NEWater, A Trusted and Reputable Manufacturer of Industrial Sand Filters.

_Industrial Sand Filters Manufacturer
_Industrial Sand Filter Manufacturer

NEWater we have a wide selection of sand filters in a variety of sizes and volumes, from low pressure flow to high volume water flow, including automatic backwash capability. Our sand filter container sand filter systems can be a single tank, double tank, or even triple tank. The material of the sand filter supports fiberglass, steel, or stainless steel.
NEWater industrial sand filters effectively remove particles with longer service life. Our industrial sand filter experts can provide system customization solutions to fit your project.

We Can Provide the Best Industrial Sand Filters

_Industrial Sand Filter Applications
NEWater’s Industrial Sand Filters Applications:
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater.
  • Filtration of boiler feed water.
  • Filtration of water used in cooling water systems.
  • Pre-treatment of inlet water for water purification systems.
  • Filtration of irrigation water.
  • Treatment of swimming pool water.
  • Drinking water filtration.
_Industrial Sand Filter Featurer
NEWater’s Industrial Sand Filters Features:
  • Outstanding filtering efficiency.
  • Easy and economical operation and maintenance.
  • Automatic control.
  • Removes turbidity.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Extracts suspended solids measuring 50-100 microns.
  • Automatic backwashing.
  • Reduces the presence of bacteria and protozoa.

Diverse, High-Quality Industrial Sand Filters from NEWater.

Industrial Rapid Sand Filters
Industrial Rapid Sand Filters

The rapid sand filter is also known as the gravity sand filter. It utilizes moderately coarse sand of often necessitates flocculation and coagulation.

Industrial Slow Sand Filters
Industrial Slow Sand Filters

Slow sand filters are highly productive and extremely energy-efficient. They utilize naturally growing biological films to filter water and are ideal for small-scale use.

Upward Flow Sand Filters
Upward Flow Sand Filters

The upward flow sand filter utilizes three distinct layers made up of refined sand and crumpled charcoal. The inlet water is driven in from the tank’s bottom.

Commercial Sand Filters
Commercial Sand Filters

Commercial sand filters are comparatively smaller in size and more economical. They filter out suspended solids and are ideal for small-scale applications.

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Looking for a Dependable and Long-Lasting Industrial Sand Filter?

NEWater’s industrial sand filters are logically priced and easy to install. They are equally easy to maintain and can run nonstop for prolonged periods.

We Can Offer All the Industrial Sand Filters You Need.

Frequently Asked Questions

NEWater offers the best quality industrial sand filters and industrial water filters for a variety of industries. These include backwash filters, activated carbon filters, quartz sand filters, water softening filters and more. You can also customize your filter housing with different sizes and your own brand.

What Are Industrial Sand Filters Used for?

Industrial sand filters are widely utilized across the globe to improve raw water quality. They are commonly used in large-scale industries and applications such as cooling water treatment, boiler feed water filtration, and swimming pool water treatment. Industrial sand filters are primarily used to extract suspended elements, turbidity, and floating particles.

Industrial Sand Filters


What is the Expected Lifespan of Sand Used in Industrial Sand Filters?

Sand is the primary filtration media used in industrial sand filters and over time, it grows denser due to the build-up of suspended elements. To retain the filter’s optimum filtration capacity, the sand should be substituted after approximately 3-5 years. However, the duration may differ due to various factors such as the frequency of use. 

What is the Average Capacity of Industrial Sand Filters?

Industrial sand filters are specifically manufactured for high-volume water filtration applications. Standard filters are manufactured in a range of different capacities to accommodate the divergent production demands of different customers. Our engineers can customize your industrial sand filter to match your daily production demands.

Average Capacity of Industrial Sand Filters

What Does an Industrial Sand Filter Remove?

Industrial sand filters are primarily used to filter out large suspended solids. They however remove a range of objectionable pollutants including floating particles, turbidity, and iron. To effectively extract these impurities, industrial sand filters rely on technologies such as physical encapsulation and absorption.


How Do I Maintain My Industrial Sand Filter?

Industrial sand filter maintenance is paramount if you expect to maximize the output of your filter. The obvious maintenance practice necessitated by a sand filter is regular backwashing. Frequent backwashing is recommended to restore the optimum filtration capacity. To understand when your filter needs backwashing, you should monitor the pressure drop.


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