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  • Effective removal of chemical pollutants.
  • Improved water taste.
  • Highly individualized filters.
  • Over 90% efficiency rate.
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What is an Industrial Activated Carbon Filters?

Industrial activated carbon filters are different water filtration systems that remove harmful contaminants from industrial feed water. These filters work by adsorbing the pollutants onto the surface of the activated carbon. Activated carbon is a porous material that has a large surface area, which allows it to adsorb a large number of contaminants.

The pores in the activated carbon are also very small, which makes it difficult for the contaminants to escape. Industrial activated carbon filters are very effective at removing a variety of harmful contaminants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide (SO2), chlorine, nitrogen oxides (NOx), and organic chemicals responsible for bad smells and tastes.

NEWater’s Industrial Activated Carbon Filters Related Products

Industrial Water Filter

The NEWater industrial water filter is a comparatively humongous water filtration unit specialized to effectively filter out a range of suspended solids continuously.

Industrial Sand Filter

Our industrial sand filter utilizes a sand filtration media made up of distinctively-sized particles to shrink TSS concentrations to 10-25 microns.

Industrial Self-Cleaning Water Filters

We manufacture high-end industrial self-cleaning water filters equipped with programmable control units that make them easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.

Inline Industrial Water Filters

NEWater’s broad range of inline industrial water filters is compatible with virtually all industrial water supply lines and they are comparatively cheaper to operate.

FRP Water Filter

Our FRP water filter is manufactured using premium-quality fiberglass, which makes it resistant to corrosion, high pressure, and high temperature.

Industrial Bag Filter Housing

We manufacture industrial bag filter housing using A-list materials like FRP, PVC, and stainless steel to guarantee longevity, safety, and tolerance to extreme conditions.

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Why Go for NEWater’s Industrial Activated Carbon Filters?

Effective Removal of Chemical Impurities

Impressive industrial activated carbon filters eliminate over 30 different types of chemical pollutants to produce highly purified industrial water.

Palatable and Odorless Drinking Water

Versatile and highly effective activated carbon filters capable of optimally extracting organic chemicals and compounds known for causing bad smells and tastes in water.

Extended Product Life Service

Long-lasting industrial activated carbon filters that can continuously and optimally filter out chemical and physical impurities for 6-12 months without breaking down.

Low Cost of Operation

With our own plant, we can provide you with more affordable industrial activated carbon filters that are economical to install, operate and maintain.

How to Use Industrial Activated Carbon Filters?

An industrial activated carbon filter removes impurities from water by adsorption. Activated carbon is a porous material that has a large surface area. This characteristic allows it to adsorb, or bind to, contaminants in the water. As water passes through the filter, the contaminants are trapped on the surface of the activated carbon.

Industrial activated carbon filters are used in a variety of settings, including water treatment plants, food and beverage processing facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Activated carbon filters can remove a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. They can also remove taste and odor-causing compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide.

Industrial Activated Carbon Filters Function
Composition of NEWater Industrial Activated Carbon Filters

Composition of NEWater Industrial Activated Carbon Filters

Like other media filters, NEWater industrial activated carbon water filters (ACF) consist of a mineral tank, valve controller or end pipe with controller, and media. Our industrial activated carbon water filters are available as system units with different flow capacities and media volumes depending on the water treatment embroidery ball. You can choose to run a single individual unit or multiple tanks together or in sequence. Also depending on the volume of activated carbon, you can consider bag filters, pressure filters, and sand filters as pre-filters.

Use NEWater Industrial Activated Carbon Water Filters to Remove:

  • Tastes and odors
  • Chlorine
  • Chlorinated compounds
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Sediments
  • Pesticides
  • Perfluoro- and poly fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  • Trihalomethanes (THM)
  • Phenols
  • etc.
Industrial Activated Carbon Water Filters advantages

We Offer You Best Industrial Activated Carbon Filters

NEWater’s Industrial Activated Carbon Filter Benefits.
  • Utilizes adsorption to extract unwanted impurities.
  • Has a high bad taste and odor removal capacity.
  • Eliminates over 30 distinct chemicals.
  • Has an average lifespan of 6-12 months.
  • Is effective in extracting gaseous pollutants.
  • Is made up of block or granular carbon.
  • It has a highly porous filtration media.
  • Has a relatively large surface area.
Best Industrial Activated Carbon Filters
NEWater’s Industrial Activated Carbon Filter Applications.
  • Municipal water purification.
  • Drinking water treatment.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Air purification.
  • Recovery of precious metals.
  • Power plants.
  • Bromate removal.
  • Chlorine removal.

Diverse, High-Performance Industrial Activated Carbon Filters from NEWater.

Carbon Sand Filters
Carbon Sand Filters

The carbon sand filter is often deployed in collaboration with other water filtration systems and it extracts suspended solids, and chemical pollutants and reduces turbidity.

Commercial Carbon Water Filters
Commercial Carbon Water Filters

The commercial carbon water filter is relatively more compact and light in weight. It filters out chemicals such as chlorine and odor-causing organics to generate palatable drinking water.

Granular Activated Carbon Filters
Granular Activated Carbon Filters

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters are made of granular carbon and they are effective in eliminating chemical and physical impurities through their adsorption function.

Carbon Block Filters
Carbon Block Filters

Carbon block filters are made up of porous carbon blocks and they have a huge internal surface area, which enables them to trap the most objectionable impurities.

Industrial Activated Carbon Filters Manufacturer (1)
Top-Notch Industrial Activated Carbon Filters Supplier| NEWater

NEWater’s industrial activated carbon filters are uniquely crafted to guarantee cost-efficiency, user convenience, and long service life. They are resistant to high pressure and can withstand extreme temperatures.

We Can Provide All the Industrial Activated Carbon Filters You Need!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re in the market for an industrial activated carbon water filter, you may have some questions about how they work and which one is right for you. In this section, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about these filters. We’ll also help you choose the right one for your needs. So let’s get started!

How do I Choose an Industrial Activated Carbon Filter and Activated Carbon?

Knowing the water source is the most important factor to consider when you are choosing an industrial activated carbon water filter. If it is city water or well water from a reliable source, turbidity is generally low. If the water source is from a river or lake, then the water source is high in turbidity.

The common types of activated carbon we use are bituminous coal-based and coconut shell-based. If you need to remove a lot of organic compounds and high color content from your water, then choose coal-based activated carbon. Compared to coal-based carbon, coconut shell has a larger organic surface area and is best suited for removing trace organics. It is also harder and more resistant to wear and tear.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Industrial Activated Carbon Filter?

Activated carbon filters effectively remove impurities from water, including chlorine, lead, and other toxins. This makes them ideal for use in industrial environments where water quality is critical. They are also relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain.
The main disadvantage of using activated carbon filters is that they can become clogged over time, thus reducing their effectiveness. In addition, they need to be replaced relatively frequently, which can be expensive.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Industrial Activated Carbon Filter

How Often do I Need to Replace My Industrial Activated Carbon Filter?

Depending on the application, activated carbon filters can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. In general, however, most industrial activated carbon filters will need to be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.



How do I Know When It's Time to Replace my Industrial Activated Carbon Filter?

There are a few signs that it might be time to replace your filter, including decreased water flow and pressure, and an increase in the amount of sediment in your water. If you notice either of these things, it’s best to replace your filter as soon as possible.

Industrial Activated Carbon Filters replace

What can Affect the Adsorption Efficiency of Industrial Activated Carbon Water Filters?
  1. Temperature;
  2. Relative humidity ;
  3. Activated carbon surface area.
  4. The speed of fluid passage.
  5. The molecular weight, boiling point, and concentration of the contaminant are to be captured.
  6. Nature of the contaminant.
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