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  • Multiple water source compatibility.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Reverse osmosis technology.
  • In-built pretreatment unit.

Why Choose Desalination System for Home

Fresh, clean water is a necessity in almost any home, and for some families access to fresh water can be difficult. Nowadays, the majority of coastal households employ home desalination systems, turning seawater into potable water.

Modern water filtering techniques like desalination remove salt water and surplus salts to create fresh water. System components include built-in pretreatment filters, high-quality reverse osmosis membranes with salt rejection rates of up to 99.7%, and in some cases, post-treatment filters. NEWater can provide you with a high-quality custom system for home desalination.

Seawater Desalination System

Our desalination systems facilitate the treatment of your extremely salty seawater. It has a high TDS tolerance level which can be upgraded to 55,000 ppm.

Portable Solar-powered Water Filtration Systems

NEWater portable solar-powered water filtration systems are suitable for residential, emergency response, and other uses.

Saltwater RO System

The seawater RO system from NEWater is compatible with multiple water sources and can shrink TDS levels greatly to yield clean purified water.

Brackish Water Purification Systems

Our brackish water purification systems use high-efficiency membranes and energy recovery technology to take the lead in the industry. Reduce your operating costs.

Compact Reverse Osmosis Equipment

We produce top-notch RO systems that are compatible with a variety of water sources and suitable for various home, commercial, and industrial applications.

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

These systems are assured to provide you with high-quality water for a very long time since they have a wide spectrum of pollutants removal and a 99.9% salt removal capacity.

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Available Options for NEWater Home Desalination Systems

  • Water filtration Systems.
  • Water softening system.
  • UV sterilization device.
  • Solar energy supply.
  • Portable design.
Available Options for Home Desalination Systems
Home Desalination Systems Features

Features and Advantages

  • Digital display and control panel.
  • Energy-saving mode.
  • Automatic shut-off valves.
  • High-efficiency pumps.
  • 7% salt rejection capacity.
  • Built-in safety measures.
  • Built-in pre-filters.
  • Long-lasting components.

Reliable Desalination Systems for Home Supplier in China

Home Desalination Systems Supplier
Home Desalination Systems Manufacturer (1)

NEWater is a company that has its own manufacturing plant in China. As a customer-conscious manufacturer, we offer home desalination systems at affordable prices and provide perfect after-sales services. Our home desalinators are also popular in boats, coastal businesses, laboratories, and beach resorts.  Join us as our distributor.

We also support OEM&ODM customization services for various commercial water treatment equipment and industrial water treatment equipment, contact us for design solutions!

  • NEWater home desalination system provides potable water without a doubt. I commend your company for providing consistently superior products.

  • NEWater home desalination system provides us with clean and healthy drinking water. We are certain to consume safe water every minute.

  • This powerful device is not only effective but also competitively priced. Valuable spending for us.

FAQs-Residential Desalination Systems

1. Is Your Home Desalination System Safe to Use?

Yes, our home desalination system can be safe to use if properly installed and maintained. The water produced by the system should be tested regularly to ensure it meets safety standards for drinking water. However, as with any water treatment system, there is a risk of contamination if the system is not maintained properly.

2. How Does the Taste of Desalinated Water Compare to That of Tap Water?

The taste of desalinated water can vary depending on the source of the water being desalinated and the specific desalination process used. Some people report that desalinated water has a slightly different taste compared to tap water, often described as being “flat” or “bland.” However, others say that the taste is similar to that of tap water. Some desalination systems also add minerals back into the water to improve the taste.

Home Desalination Systems Manufacturer (2)

3. What are the Maintenance Requirements for NEWater Desalination Systems for Home?

Depending on the specific system being used, different home desalination systems have different maintenance requirements. Generally, maintenance tasks include:

  • Cleaning the filters and membranes regularly to maintain system efficiency.
  • Monitoring water quality and making adjustments as needed
  • Checking for leaks and performing regular inspections to ensure the system is functioning properly.
  • Keeping records of system performance and maintenance tasks for future reference.

Home Desalination System Manufacturer

4. Diverse and Outstanding Residential Desalination Systems from NEWater.

● Seawater Desalination System for Home.

The seawater home purifier is a compact reverse osmosis unit specialized to supply homes with freshwater by extracting dissolved salts from sea and ocean water.

● Brackish Water Desalination System for Home.

The brackish water RO system for home is a relatively smaller machine with a compact footprint that makes it suitable for desalinating slightly salty water.

● Solar-Powered Residential Desalination System.

This is an economic and environmentally-friendly desalination unit that utilizes solar energy directly or indirectly to power the desalination process.

● Drinking Water System for Home.

The drinking water system for the home is a multi-stage purification unit that employs reverse osmosis as its primary purification technique to eject objectionable pollutants and yield drinking water.

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