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Greywater treatment systems primarily help avert environmental degradation and protect public health by purging away harmful pollutants. The NEWater greywater treatment system, however, offers much more by employing cost-efficient designs and treatment technologies. Through customization, NEWater guarantees individualized greywater treatment solutions for all.

What is Gray Water?

Greywater and greywater are interchangeable terms used to describe wastewater amassed from residential and business complexes and do not contain human waste. Typically, it entails all wastewater generated from bathtubs, showers, sinks, and washing machines. When properly treated, gray water can be reused in various applications such as toilet flushing and irrigation.

Gray water treatment systems are designed to purge away unwanted constituents present in residential greywater using chemical, physical, and/or biological methods. NEWater greywater treatment systems are expertly and distinctively designed to recycle residential gray water consequently preserving natural water bodies and protecting the public’s health.

Why Coose NEWater to Custom Your System?

Easy installation
Impeccable Discharge Quality
Reduced Wastewater Effluent
Individuated Systems

Why NEWater’s Greywater Treatment Systems?

High-Quality, Reusable Discharge: With our highly effective greywater filtration systems, you are likely to enjoy high treatment rates leaving you with high-grade effluent reusable in a range of non-potable applications.

Customized Treatment Solutions: Our individuated greywater recycling systems are customized based on your greywater quality and desired treatment level to guarantee optimum satisfaction.

Extended Service Life: Owing to the superior quality components and materials used, the NEWater gray water treatment system is guaranteed to impeccably serve you for years without incurring repair and replacement charges.

Reduced Environmental Impact:Our greywater treatment systems generate superb treated wastewater with a high quality that permits its use in multiple potable and non-potable applications. This minimizes the pollution load placed on the surrounding ecosystem.

Greywater Treatment Water System advantages

NEWater’s Greywater Treatment Systems Features

Greywater Treatment Systems Features (1)
Greywater Treatment Systems Features (1)
  • Sufficient Capacity: The system is appropriately sized to accommodate the volume of greywater produced by the residence.
  • Appropriate Treatment Methods: The system employs suitable treatment methods, such as sedimentation, filtration, biological treatment, or disinfection, to eliminate pollutants from the greywater.
  • Effective Treatment: The system is designed to eliminate a significant percentage of pollutants from the greywater to guarantee its safety for reuse.
  • Reliability: The system is dependable and requires minimal maintenance thereby ensuring consistent performance in greywater treatment.
  • Versatility: The system is adaptable to various types of greywater sources and uses, such as irrigation or toilet flushing.
  • Energy Efficiency: The system incorporates energy-efficient components, such as low-energy pumps and LED lighting, to reduce energy consumption.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The system is economical and offers a return on investment over time, primarily in regions where water is scarce or expensive.

NEWater’s Greywater Treatment Systems Applications

💧Irrigation: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat and reuse greywater for irrigating lawns, gardens, and crops.

💧Toilet flushing: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater for use in flushing toilets, which can significantly reduce overall water usage in a building.

💧Cooling tower makeup water: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater for use as makeup water in cooling towers, which can help reduce the amount of freshwater required for the cooling process.

💧Car washing: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater for use in washing cars, which can help reduce water usage and prevent runoff of contaminated water into the environment.

💧Firefighting: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater for use in firefighting systems, which can help provide a reliable source of water in emergencies.

💧Laundry: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater from washing machines for reuse in future laundry cycles, which can help reduce overall water usage.

💧Non-potable water supply: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater for use as a non-potable water supply for a variety of purposes, including cleaning, irrigation, and toilet flushing.

💧Cooling tower blowdown: Greywater treatment systems can be used to treat greywater for use as cooling tower blowdown, which can help reduce the amount of freshwater required to replenish the cooling tower.

Water Purification
Remove Ss Nh3 Cod BOD
1~500m³/H or Customized
220V/ 380V/ Customerized
SS304 /SS316L/CS/FRP
Installation Type
Underground / Onground

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How Much Water Can Be Saved by Using a Graywater Treatment System?

The amount of water that can be saved by using a greywater treatment system depends on several factors, such as the size of the system, the amount of greywater generated, and how the treated water is reused. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the use of greywater can reduce water consumption in a typical single-family home by as much as 50%, which translates to savings of approximately 20,000 gallons of water per year.

2. What are the Maintenance Requirements of a Greywater Treatment System?

A greywater treatment system requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to function effectively and efficiently. Some of the key maintenance requirements for a greywater treatment system include:

  • Regular filter cleaning.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the distribution system.
  • Monitoring the system keenly to establish any malfunction.
  • Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Greywater Treatment Systems (1)

3. Are There any Regulations or Permits Required for Installing a Greywater Treatment System?

The rules and licenses needed to set up a greywater treatment system can differ based on your geographic location and the specific system you intend to use. It’s advisable to consult your local government or municipal authority to determine which regulations and permits apply to your circumstances.

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