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NEWater: Reliable Twin Tank Water Softener Supplier in China

NEWater dual tank water softener systems are the ideal solution for commercial or residential applications due to their compact design and precision. A water softener with two storage tanks can meet your high-volume water treatment needs. Also, it can continue to work during the regeneration process and provide a steady supply of demineralized water over time. Send an inquiry today!

Two Tank Water Softener and Its Components

Mineral Tank
Mineral Tank

Hard water will be piped into the mineral tank. When water passes through the resin beads in the tank, an ion exchange reaction will occur to remove calcium and magnesium ions in hard water, produce soft water, and output it.

Control Valve
Control Valve

The control valve regenerates when the mineral loading of the resin beads exceeds the ion removal capacity. The capacity of the control valve depends on the hardness of the water and the capacity required. Water softeners benefit from the flexibility of control valves.

Brine Tank
Brine Tank

The brine tank is relatively low and contains softener salt for the regeneration of the system. When the softening ability of the resin decreases, the control valve removes the heavy brine solution and flushes the resin from the mineral tank. The whole softening process will not end.

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    • Equipped with a backwash valve
    • Automatic system regeneration
    • Advanced program control unit
    • Continuous soft water supply
    • Larger capacity and more efficient
    • With a 24-hour softening capacity
    • Reduced consumption of water and salt
Dual Tank Water Softener systems (2)
Dual Tank Water Softeners Application


  • Hospitality business as well as the hotel sector.
  • Food preparation.
  • Commercial and personal usage.
  • Laundry business
  • Safeguarding heat transfer components.
  • Healthcare sector

Why Choose NEWater Dual Tank Water Softener?

Our twin tank water softeners are portable in design and the units are equipped with features including built-in timers, LCD, and capacitors to prevent memory loss to provide 100% reliable water service to your house or commercial premises.

We design and manufacture these single & double tank water softeners with high-quality materials and components that are durable and reduce maintenance costs. They are easy to install and support customization. 24/7, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you.

Dual Tank Water Softeners Supplier

Best Dual Tank Water Softener System Supplier

Dual Tank Water Softeners Manufacturer (1)
Dual Tank Water Softeners Manufacturer (2)

Water Standard: The measurement of grains per gallon of total corrected hardness is used to evaluate the quality of our water supply. This value has a direct bearing on the quantity of water that can be softened before regeneration is necessary, and it is directly proportional to it.

Water Utilization: The volume of water consumed and the water’s performance are two key elements that decide the water softener’s size and structure.

Application Scenarios: It can be for Residential, Health Care Facilities, Food and Beverages Industry, Commercial, Industrial, Education Industry or Restaurant usage.

Cost-budget: The dual tank water softeners are affordable. However, the price of a water softener varies on its size, water quality standards, design (how customized you want it to be), and other customer-driven parameters.

Maintenance: Double tank water softeners are simple to clean and maintain. The supplier should ideally be able to offer a 1-2 year quality guarantee.

Reliable quality: The material of the water softener tank and the material of the water tank should be the best. Availability of factory certificate and warranty for the equipment.

Dual Tank Water Softener systems
NEWater Dual Tank Water Softener: How Does It Work?

After a certain volume of water has been conditioned by the water softener, the resin bed within the tank has to have its supply of salt reloaded to continue functioning properly as it undergoes a period of thawing. The output of generated water is kept consistent and steady by switching the responsibility for filling the tanks from one tank to the other whenever one tank is refilled.

Dual Tank Water Softeners system
Single Tank Softeners VS Dual Tank Water Softeners

The key distinction between the two is how they are renewed. Our dual water softener systems recur without manual intervention and utilize softened water, whereas single-tank water softeners require several steps and take advantage of hard water.

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