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NEWater drinking water filtration systems are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. They can be installed in homes, commercial businesses, and even municipal water treatment and supply stations.

  • Effectively treats raw water such as well water, groundwater, and surface water.
  • Removes undesirable tastes and odors.
  • Minimal need for maintenance or parts replacement.
  • Wide range of applications.
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What is a Drinking Water Filtration System?

Drinking water filtration systems are specialized water cleaning devices used to generate safe and healthy drinking water by eliminating harmful pollutants. There are numerous drinking water filters manufactured to treat varied forms of raw water and to be used in specific scenarios. Drinking water must meet stringent quality standards and these systems ensure that users have a continuous supply of safe and healthy drinking water.

They exploit a number of elaborate water filtration processes to comprehensively eradicate objectionable impurities. NEWater’s range of drinking water RO systems is diverse and we can individualize your system to perfectly gratify your demands.

NEWater’s Drinking Water Filtration Systems Related Products

Water Purification System

Our expertly crafted water purification systems generate high-grade purified water easily, hastily, and continuously without incurring high production and maintenance costs.

Desalination Machine for Home

The desalination machine for homes is designed to extract up to 99.7% of dissolved salts from saline water and provide a reliable supply of fresh water.

Salt Water Filtration Systems

We make highly effective and dynamic salt water filtration systems that eradicate dissolved salts, ocean debris, and other undesirable impurities cost-efficiently.

Whole-House RO Systems

Our Quality and remarkable whole house reverse osmosis (RO) system is designed to offer your home comprehensive inlet water treatment while saving you precious space and money.

Solar Powered Water Treatment System

Solar-powered water treatment systems offer a cost-efficient way of treating water in off-grid communities while helping conserve the ecosystem.

Portable Desalination Machine

Our portable desalination is turnkey, light in weight, and small-sized. They are impressively effective and economical to transport, operate and maintain.

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Why NEWater’s Drinking Water Filtration Systems Are the Best?

Ready to be Used Systems

Drinking water filtration systems supply you with fresh drinking water when needed. They are plug-and-play systems that are easily installed.

High Impurity Removal Rates

Drinking water filtration systems eliminate a broad range of harmful and objectionable impurities to generate safe and healthy drinking water.

Quality Certification

All NEWater drinking water filtration units are ISO 9001 certified. They are also tried and tested to ensure they conform to local and international quality standards.

After Sale Services

Purchasing our drinking water filtration equipment makes you eligible for crucial after-sale services such as warranty protection, doorstep delivery, and discounted lifetime repairs.

Which is the Best Drinking Water Filtration System?

In the modern world, there are over 10 different types of drinking water filtration systems and most of them can be graded as effective. The best drinking water filter is one that delivers high-quality drinking water given your respective scenarios. Here is a list of NEWater’s best-selling drinking water filtration systems.

  • RO drinking water filters.
  • Whole house water filters.
  • UV water sterilization filters.
  • Multi-media filters.
  • Activated carbon filters.
Drinking Water Filtration System

NEWater, A Well-Reputable and Trusted Manufacturer of Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Drinking Water Filtration System Supplier
Drinking Water Filtration System Manufacturer

NEWater’s drinking water filtration systems are quite prominent in China and across the globe thanks to their unmatched filtration rates and cost-efficiency. They guarantee an incessant supply of fresh, safe, and healthy drinking water consequently protecting consumers and their loved ones from waterborne illness. They comprehensively filter out undesirable pollutants such as TDS, metals, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and organic chemicals.

Our drinking water filters exploit renowned water filtration processes such as membrane-based filtration, media filtration, and UV filtration. We utilize high-quality materials to manufacture our units thereby guaranteeing a prolonged service life.

Feautures & Applications

NEWater’s Drinking Water Filtration System Features.
NEWater’s Drinking Water Filtration System Features
  1. Kills 99.99% of microbial impurities.
  2. Straightforward installation.
  3. Relatively low operating costs.
  4. Relatively small footprint.
  5. Efficient use of electricity.
  6. Long service life.
  7. Consists of pretreatment filters to prevent premature damage.
Drinking Water Filtration Systems Applications.
Drinking Water Filtration Systems Applications.
  • Generating clean and healthy drinking water for homes.
  • Municipal water treatment.
  • Hospital water treatment.
  • Purification of bottled water.
  • Treatment of restaurants and hotel water.
  • Whole house water treatment.
  • Marine water treatment for boats.

Diverse, High-Quality Drinking Water Filtration Systems from NEWater

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems.
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems.

The NEWater RO drinking water system consists of high-quality RO membrane filters, which expansively filter out a range of undesirable pollutants to produce high-quality drinking water.

UV filters
UV Sterilizers

Our UV water sterilizers kill 99.99% of microbial impurities found in water consequently supplying you with safe drinking water devoid of waterborne diseases.

Drinking Water Distillation Equipment
Drinking Water Distillation Equipment

The NEWater drinking water distiller gets rid of suspended particles, dissolved solids, microbes, and other pollutants to generate first-rate drinking water.

Multi-media Filters
Multi-Media Filters

Our ultra-modern multi-media filters extract vast amounts of suspended solids, debris, colloids, turbidity, and other high-molecular-weight constituents to generate high-grade potable water.

NEWater Activated Carbon Filters
Activated Carbon Filters

NEWater’s activated carbon filters consist of granular or block carbon, which comprehensively filters out organic chemicals, organic compounds, and chlorine.

Drinking Water Filtration System Supplier
Find a Personalized Drinking Water Filtration System at NEWater!

NEWater’s drinking water filtration machines are expertly manufactured using cutting-edge technologies. They are logically priced and relatively inexpensive to install and operate.

We Can Provide All the Drinking Water Filtration Systems You Need

Frequently Asked Questions on Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Presently, the number of people with constrained access to clean drinking water stands at 2.3 billion. To remedy drinking water undersupply, past and present generations have resorted to drinking water filtration equipments. The cost of owning and sustaining water filtration systems continues to shrink and this has proliferated their use.

Is It Safe to Drink Filtered Water?

Yes. Drinking comprehensively filtered water is actually safer than drinking typical tap water. Water filtered using a certified drinking water filtration system is free from disease-causing microorganisms, volatile chemicals, dissolved solids, and other harmful impurities.

Drink Filtered Water


How Much Do Drinking Water Filtration Systems Cost?

Over the years, the price of purchasing, installing, and operating drinking water filters has fallen greatly. At present, you can procure a premium drinking water filtration system for your home at prices ranging from $1000 to $3,100. However, if you need accurate price quotations on NEWater’s drinking water filtration systems, contact us.

How Long Do Drinking Water Filters Last?

Drinking water filtration systems have different lifespans. A high-quality reverse osmosis filtration system can last over 15 years, while only necessitating membrane replacement after every three years. However, the service life you get from your filter may be influenced by the quality of your raw water.

Drinking Water Filters lifetime



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