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NEWater is a manufacturer and supplier of easy-to-install DI water change tanks, providing you with customized needs to meet your industrial, commercial, and domestic needs for pure water.

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DI Tanks Exchange Supplier & Manufacturer | Deionized Water

Minerals and other impurities contained in the water can be effectively removed by using a deionization exchange tank. Cationic and anionic resins are used to remove ionic impurities and purify water, allowing you to deionize water without the use of concentrated acids or alkalis.

We offer exchangeable deionized water tank systems that can be designed to use carbon filtration, UV disinfection and TOC reduction, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ozone, sanitary plumbing design, semi-automatic system treatment according to your needs.

Efficient and Economical DI Exchange Tanks Manufacturer - NEWater

Dual Bed Tank

This unit is made up of two different premium resin products. One tank contains anion resin and the other tank contains cation resin.

Mixed Bed Tank

This product has cations and anions exchangers connected in series. It may have strong base resin or weak base resin.

Multiple-Tank Systems
Multiple-Tank Systems

Multiple tank system has three or more three tanks connected through a series, parallel, or any other combination. These tanks are used for laboratory-quality water treatment where high purification is required.

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Why NEWater’s DI Exchange Tanks?

Easy Installation
Good System Regeneration Capability
Multiple Sizes Available
Less Maintenance

How does Deionization Work in DI Tanks?

Ion exchange is a chemical process in which unwanted ions in raw water are exchanged or replaced with desirable ions. In the portable deionized water tank, NaCl in the water is replaced by H+ and OH on the resin, and the final product is only H2O, thus achieving the effect of removing salt in the water.

Therefore, deionized water tanks can achieve the removal of harmful or undesirable ions from the water through the process of ion exchange. The basic reaction of water desalination can be expressed by the following equation:

Cation exchange resin: R—H+Na+ R—Na+H+

Anion exchange resin: R—OH+Cl- R—Cl+OH-

This process is reversible. When the ion exchange resin beads are filled with the desired ions, then they can be regenerated and used again.

Deionization Work in DI Tanks
DI exchange tanks applications


NEWater DI exchange tanks are used in almost every sector of industry. You can count on us for an exchange tank if your business falls into the following categories.

  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals and University
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Education
  • Hemodialysis
  • Agriculture
  • Laboratory

Choose NEWater to Customize Your DI Exchange Tank

By providing the following variables to NEWater engineers:

  • Influent water quality
  • Water quality
  • DI tank material and size
  • Type of bed: separate exchangers bed, dual bed, mixed bed

NEWater’s experts assist your technicians by understanding your design, configuration, and sizing needs to develop and deliver tanks that remove 99.6% of contaminant particles to ensure the highest purity and quality of produced water. These ionized water tanks require no chemical treatment, no wastewater discharge, or maintenance. When the life of the ion exchange tank is exhausted, contact our technicians to provide you with advice on DI exchange tank replacement

Custom DI exchange tanks

NEWater DI Exchange Tanks: Cost-effective & Safe Supply of High-purity Deionized Water

DI exchange tanks supplier
DI exchange tanks manufacturer

We offer portable exchange DI tanks in a variety of sizes to meet a range of flow rates and quality requirements. NEWater designs the size and shape of the DI exchange tank one-to-one for you to adapt to different water treatment applications. These tanks are portable, by using our NEWater DI exchange tanks, harmful ionic contaminants in the incoming water can be easily eradicated, and you can get commercial and industrial process safety and reliability at a lower cost.

We are a global supplier of all items of ion exchange systems. We not only provide you with custom-designed water tanks, but we also supply a variety of high-quality ion exchange resins, portable deionized water tanks, deionized water tank exchange accessories, EDI units, and more. If you are looking for a trustworthy DI water tank supplier, you can contact us without any hesitation.

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