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NEWater is an expert and highly revered provider of quality containerized RO systems. We manufacture energy-efficient and highly-individualized systems to satisfy our clients’ demands.

  • Optimum removal of dissolved solids and other pollutants.
  • High-quality Type III purified water.
  • Exceptional recovery rates.
  • Diversified capacity options.
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What is a Containerized RO System?

A containerized reverse osmosis (RO) system is a mobile water treatment plant that uses RO membranes to remove unwanted pollutants from water. Containerized RO plants are typically used in situations where traditional water treatment infrastructure is not available or would be too costly to install, such as in remote locations or disaster relief situations.

Technically, containerized RO systems are stand-alone turnkey systems preassembled at the point of manufacturing and delivered ready for instantaneous use. Delivering them to their point of use, installing them, and getting them fired up takes less than a day. They are ideal for temporary or mobile water treatment applications but they can also be deployed in permanent or centralized applications.

NEWater’s Containerized Water Treatment Plant Related Products

Seawater Desalination System

The NEWater seawater desalination system extracts up to 99.7% of dissolved salts from saline water using elaborate processes such as reverse osmosis and distillation.

Brackish Water RO System

Our brackish water RO system is specially built to desalinate slightly saline water with TDS levels ranging from 1000-5000 ppm. It is comparatively power-efficient.

Portable Desalination Machine

NEWater’s portable desalination machine is a turnkey unit that is compact, easy to use, and highly effective in extracting unwanted salts from water.

RO Water System

We manufacture A-list reverse osmosis water systems fitted with premium-quality semi-permeable membranes that seize a myriad of unwanted impurities found in raw water.

Water Purification System

The NEWater water purification system eradicates a broad range of objectionable pollutants to guarantee a continuous supply of highly purified water.

DI Water System

Our DI water system regenerates automatically and they eliminate dissolved ions by replacing them with non-objectionable ions to yield first-rate deionized water.

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Why NEWater’s Containerized RO Water Systems?

Turnkey System

Ready-to-use RO water systems pre-assembled in heavy-duty and branded containers fitted with adequate lighting and air-conditioning.

Uninterrupted Supply of Purified Water

Highly durable containerized RO plants with high flow rates and distinct production capacities. Once fired up, the system can run for lengthy periods without malfunctioning.

Unrivaled Power-Efficiency

Extremely efficient containerized RO water systems equipped with energy recovery devices that greatly minimize power consumption and cumulative production costs.

Optimum Removal of Distinct Pollutants

Highly flexible plants capture and isolate different kinds of pollutants found in feed water to generate purified water that is safe and hygienic.

What is Included in a Containerized Water Treatment Plant?

A comprehensive containerized water treatment plant consists of a pre-treatment system, reverse osmosis systems, and in some instances a post-treatment unit. The interior and exterior of the plant can be decorated as directed by the customer. Other components fitted to containerized RO systems include:

  • Appropriate piping of the internal system.
  • Wiring of the instrumentation connected to the main control board.
  • Air conditioning equipment.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Operational and maintenance manuals.
Containerized Water Treatment Plant Composition
Containerized RO System Features

NEWater’s Containerized RO System Features:

  • They are available in container sizes ranging from 10ft, 20ft to 40ft.
  • They are fully automated.
  • Eliminate a range of distinct objectionable impurities.
  • Fitted with lighting and air conditioning
  • Removes up to 99.7% of dissolved salts.
  • Utilize high-quality RO membranes with a lifespan of 3 years.
  • They are turnkey systems, which makes them easy to assemble, and disassemble.
  • Fitted with power recovery gadgets to optimize energy consumption.

NEWater’s Containerized RO System Applications:

  • Seawater desalination applications.
  • Drinking water purification.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Food processing.
  • Power plants.
  • Oil refineries and mining.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Off-shore applications.
Containerized RO System Applications

NEWater, A Proven and Trustworthy Containerized RO Systems Supplier

_Containerized RO Systems Supplier
_Containerized RO Systems Manufacturer

NEWater’s containerized RO systems are inarguably some of the world’s best mobile water treatment plants. They have an outstanding impurity removal score and they extract a number of unwanted pollutants thanks to the superior quality membranes they utilize. Additionally, they have high water recovery rates and are very power efficient.

For the last 12 years, we have delivered top-notch containerized RO plants specialized for commercial and industrial use. We have a gifted team of engineers and R&D personnel who are vastly experienced in designing and manufacturing customized containerized water treatment plants.

Diverse, A-List Containerized RO Systems from NEWater

Containerized Seawater RO System
Containerized Seawater RO System

The NEWater containerized seawater RO system is intelligently designed to desalinate extremely salty seawater and ultimately yield usable freshwater.

Containerized RO Wastewater Treatment System
Containerized RO Wastewater Treatment System

Our containerized RO system for wastewater treatment extracts suspended solids, microorganisms, dissolved solids, and other pollutants to generate high-quality effluent in line with discharge regulations.

Containerized Brackish Water RO System
Containerized Brackish Water RO System

NEWater’s containerized brackish water RO system has a relatively lower operating pressure and it removes dissolved salts to produce high-quality freshwater.

Skid-Mounted RO System
Skid-Mounted RO System

The skid-mounted RO system is a compact and highly portable water treatment unit that eliminates a plethora of unwanted impurities to yield highly purified water.

Containerized RO Systems Manufacturer
Find a High-Preforming Containerized RO Water System at NEWater!

NEWater’s containerized RO plants are high-performing, cost-efficient, and long-lasting. They are easy to install and disassemble and can operate optimally for long hours.

All the Containerized RO Systems You Need

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile water treatment plants such as containerized RO systems have tremendously grown in popularity in recent years. This is primarily because they are plug-and-play, easy to use, and easily transportable. To understand water treatment systems and technologies, most people turn to the internet, and today we attempt to answer the web’s frequently asked questions on containerized RO systems.

What is the Function of a Containerized Reverse Osmosis System?

Containerized RO systems are designed to remove impurities from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. This process leaves clean water on one side of the membrane and contaminants on the other side. RO systems are often used in homes and businesses to improve the quality of water by extracting a variety of impurities, including dissolved minerals, dissolved salts, suspended solids, chemicals, and microorganisms.

Function of a Containerized Reverse Osmosis System

How Much Do Containerized RO Water Systems Cost?

Containerized RO water systems typically range in cost from $2,000 to $4,000 per unit. Larger units may cost more. Costs will also vary depending on the specific features and options included with the system. One important factor to consider when budgeting for containerized RO water plant is the cost of installation. These systems are typically installed by a professional contractor. Installation costs will vary depending on the size and complexity of the system but can range from $500 to $2,000 or more.

Can Bacteria Grow in Containerized RO Water Tanks?

Yes. Sometimes, reverse osmosis tanks can act as breeding sites for bacteria if they are not frequently and thoroughly sterilized. Bacteria and other microbes such as fungi and viruses may accumulate in reverse osmosis tanks and this can be a serious health hazard to consumers of the resulting water.

What is the Temperature Inside the Containerized Water Treatment Plant?

Certain regions have extremely high temperatures and putting a containerized seawater plant on the beach under sunny conditions all day can be problematic. If the ambient temperature is 35-40 0 C, the temperature inside the containerized RO system can reach 60-80 0 C. As a precaution, we provide insulation panels as well as air conditioning systems in our CRO plants.

As you are aware, most electrical components do not function optimally at temperatures exceeding 35 0 C. NEWater’s containerized water treatment plants are heat-resistant and this is extremely important given it mitigates the overheating of essential electrical components.

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