Premier Containerized Membrane BioReactor Wastewater Treatment System Manufacturer in China

  • Exceptional performance and tidal-friendly design.
  • The effluent of a very high grade.
  • Low operational and maintenance expenses.
  • Innovative technique based on the MBR system.

Containerized Membrane BioReactor for Wastewater Treatment

NEWater is the go-to manufacturer of containerized membrane bioreactors (MBRs), providing dependable and effective approaches to the treatment of sewage. Being a preeminent provider of MBRs, we take pride in our dedication to providing our clients with goods and services of the greatest caliber.

Our MBR technology is built to offer a long-lasting and economical solution for wastewater treatment, making sure that our customers get the most out of their investment. We can be certain that our wastewater treatment requirements are in excellent hands with our trustworthy MBR solutions.

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Flat MBR Membrane
Flat MBR Membrane
Hollow Curtain-type MBR Membrane
Hollow Curtain-type MBR Membrane
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Why Coose NEWater to Custom System?

We use advanced membrane technology for the set
Strong anti-pollution ability, high water flux, good permeability
Higher content of suspended solids in water is allowed, and the diameter of feed particles is larger
High filtration precision, good interception performance, strong hydrophilicity

Containerized Membrane BioReactor Wastewater Treatment System Work Principle

The containerized MBR Reactor uses hollow fiber membranes and ultrafiltration. In order to protect the membrane surface from debris in the water supply, MBR systems commonly employ drum screen filtration to remove sediment. After being treated with chemicals, the water goes through a bioreactor where microorganisms break down organic matter and inorganic nitrogen products. The temperature is kept constant, and then the water passes through UF membranes in storage tanks. These membranes effectively filter out bacteria, suspended particles, colloids, and viruses when the water level exceeds the membrane level.

The use of an MBR allows for the implementation of highly advanced submerged membrane module technology, featuring the most efficient thermally induced phase separation currently available. Our systems offer customized container sizes and flexible designs to accommodate the specific needs of customers, whether they are constructing a new facility or upgrading from older skids.

Containerized Membrane BioReactor
Containerized Membrane BioReactor process flow

Process Flow

Sewage → grid → regulating tank → MBR bioreactor → discharge (reuse).

  1. Temperature: 5°C~45°C, the average membrane pore size is 0.10μm.
  2. PH value: 2~12, film thickness. 40 μm.
  3. Effluent turbidity: <1NTU, effluent SS<1mg/L.
  4. Membrane area: 8 square meters, the recommended air-water ratio: is 25:1~30:1.
  5. Operating pressure: -0.01~-0.03MPa.

MBR Membrane

NEWater provides PVDF and PTFE membranes for MBRs. PVDF is less costly than PTFE, but its antifouling efficacy is less and its lifespan is shorter. On the basis of pore size, NEWater MBR membranes may be categorized into ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes, hollow fiber membranes, flat membranes, and tubular membranes.

Which membrane is more cost-effective? It must be evaluated based on the unique attributes of the wastewater. For wastewater with a complex composition and significant levels of contamination, such as waste permeate and certain industrial wastewater, PTFE MBR membranes are highly recommended.

Containerized Membrane BioReactor membrane

NEWater : Containerized Membrane BioReactor Wastewater Treatment System Expert

Containerized Membrane BioReactor manufacturer

NEWater has modern membrane bioreactor (MBR) manufacturing equipment and a large facility where they produce their wastewater treatment systems, including Containerized Membrane BioReactor Wastewater Treatment Systems. Depending on the nature of the membrane modules, our membrane bioreactors can be classified as internal or external pressure type. Depending on how the membrane modules and bioreactors are combined, they can be divided into three basic types: split, integrated, and composite.

Our containerized membrane bioreactors are designed according to your needs using the most advanced software, and our engineers will perform quality tests and run the equipment to ensure that there are no problems with the installation and operation of the product. Customize an MBR wastewater treatment system with simple operation, a high degree of automation, and modular design through NEWater!

Containerized Membrane BioReactor applications
Containerized Membrane BioReactor featurers
  1. Efficient solid-liquid separation, no need for sedimentation tanks or filtration devices, and other solid-liquid separation devices.
  2. The device has a compact structure and takes up little space.
  3. Effectively remove SS, colloidal substances, and dead microorganisms in sewage, saving the amount of dosing and disinfection.
  4. The quality of effluent water is improved, which expands the scope of water application.
  5. Realize the complete separation of HRT and SRT. Reduce processing costs.
  6. Membrane components can be cleaned separately, reducing maintenance costs
  7. The system adopts a modular design, which is easy to move and install.
inlet water
produced water
  • What makes this product outstanding? It operates efficiently and reliably, and its advanced design makes it easy to install and maintain.

  • Thank you NEWater for delivering high-quality treated water. I highly commend your customer service, responding promptly to any queries or concerns.

  • I highly recommend your Containerized Membrane Bioreactor system which utilizes advanced technology to achieve high-quality effluent while reducing energy consumption and operating costs. 100% guaranteed.

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