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NEWater customizes your commercial reverse osmosis system to ensure optimal satisfaction.

  • Compact and portable systems.
  • Attached are pretreatment filters.
  • Reduced operational expenditures.
  • Can be used in a variety of industries.
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How to Customize Your Commercial RO Filtration System?

NEWater offers commercial reverse osmosis systems that can be customized on a one-to-one basis to meet your design needs. Turnkey projects save you effort and time. You need to consider the GPD of the equipment and the TDS of the incoming water when customizing the system. We will provide the best pre-treatment and post-treatment solutions for your water treatment needs, including chemicals, scale inhibitors, filters, etc.

Our reverse osmosis systems can be customized as a suitcase/ skid /container system for easy installation and a small footprint to achieve your need for easy transportation and maintenance of the system. These systems support both voltage and power in different countries. Send your inquiry now!

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Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Our industrial RO systems are available in a range of different capacities. They are available to meet almost all of your industrial water treatment needs.

High-pressure Reverse Osmosis System

NEWater’s high-pressure reverse osmosis systems are made of pressure-resistant materials. As an economical unit, energy consumption and maintenance costs are relatively low.

Whole-House RO Systems

We design and manufacture whole house reverse osmosis systems suitable for use as a concentrated, turnkey unit, designed impeccably to produce pure water for the home economically and conveniently.

Portable Desalination Machine

We make portable desalination machines using rust-resistant materials to guarantee optimal performance even when desalinating extremely saline water.

Well Water Treatment Equipment

Well water treatment equipment manufactured by NEWater has high flow rates and can extract a multitude of objectionable pollutants including iron and microbes.

RO Drinking Water System

Our products, including RO drinking water systems, are certified for international quality. They meet international safety and quality standards and are backed by a 1-year quality guarantee.

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Advantages of NEWater

Effective Pollutant Removal

High-performance purification systems rely on extremely effective commercial RO membranes, which effectively eliminate a myriad of different pollutants.

Low Cost

Comparatively economical water treatment units that are fairly priced and do not attract high installation and operational expenses.

Palatable Water

In addition to delivering purified water of outstanding quality, commercial RO systems get rid of bad tastes and smell to yield better-tasting drinking water.

Compact Design

Compact RO systems occupy comparatively lesser space and are easier to move around. They are often preassembled and this makes them easier to install.

How Do Commercial RO Machines Work?

Commercial RO systems are water treatment machines designed for commercial use that use reverse osmosis technology to separate contaminants from water. They use partially porous membranes with a porosity of 0.0001 microns to take raw water drawn from taps, rivers, wells, and even the ocean under high pressure and first filter it through a sediment filter to take out undesirable compounds such as dissolved solids, colloids, microorganisms, metals, and minerals. The purified water comes out of one end of the membrane, while the rejected contaminants and raw water come out of the other end as brine.

Commercial RO systems are characterized by high and diverse impurity removal rates, cost efficiency, and high power. They typically include pretreatment filters, semi-permeable membranes, pressure pumps, storage tanks, and post-treatment filters (optional).

How Do Commercial RO Machines Work?
Features of NEWater's Commercial RO Systems:

Features of NEWater's Commercial RO Systems:

  • High-quality commercial RO membranes with 0.0001-micron porosity
  • Features a carbon steel frame
  • Compact design
  • 99% dissolved solids removal
  • Effective removal of odors and foul smells
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment filters
  • Variety of power options
  • Corrosion-resistant high-pressure pump
  • Fiberglass/stainless steel pressure vessels
  • Factory tested

Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a Commercial RO System:

  1. Feedwater TDS
  2. What needs to be removed from the raw water
  3. Locally available voltage, phase, and frequency
  4. GPD/GPH flow rate
  5. Installation location
  6. Type of equipment and footprint
  7. Technical Support Services
  8. Your budget
Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a Commercial RO System:

NEWater: A Trusted Commercial RO Plants Expert

NEWater has a technically proficient team, modern technology, and ultra-modern manufacturing facilities. Our commercial reverse osmosis systems can treat a wide range of raw water types and capacities, resulting in a wide range of applications.

We manufacture and supply commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems that are recognized by many industries. Compared to other manufacturers’ systems, our units have high and diverse impurity elimination rates, ease of use, minimal membrane fouling, and cost-effectiveness. Their high performance is further enhanced by high-quality pre-treatment and post-treatment filters.

A Wide Range of System Applications:

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems applications
  • Car wash businesses
  • Rainwater treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining industry
  • Chemical mixing
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Beach resorts
Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems applications
  • Commercial buildings
  • Food and beverage
  • Laboratory
  • Cooling towers
  • Restaurants
  • Boiler feed water
  • Bottled water purification
Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier
The Best Commercial RO System You are Looking for is Here!

NEWater’s offers quality commercial reverse osmosis systems that use high-end production facilities and technology at affordable prices. These systems are less prone to membrane fouling and are relatively more durable.

Customize Your Commercial Reverse Osmosis System!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly all commercial enterprises necessitate clean water to function smoothly. However, access to pure water is a challenge most enterprises have to deal with. Thankfully, with a commercial RO system, this challenge can easily be conquered. To help you find the best RO system for your commercial entity, we will be answering questions often raised on commercial RO systems.

How Much Will a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Cost You?

Gone are the days when reverse osmosis systems used to cost a fortune. Today, the cost to purchase a commercial reverse osmosis system can range from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of the system, the operating module, and the complexity of the design. Many common pre-treatment and post-treatment components are media filters, carbon filters, dosing systems, water softeners, iron removal filters, precision filters, scale inhibitor dosing, advanced controllers, high TDS applications, variable frequency drive VFDs, etc.

In addition, you will incur installation, operation, and maintenance costs in addition to investment costs.

How Much Water Can Commercial RO Machines Generate?

Commercial reverse osmosis systems typically have a capacity of 600-35,000 GPD. They have relatively high flow rates and the volume of water generated is often sufficient for small, medium, and large commercial applications. When ordering a commercial RO system, be sure to state the volume of water you need to be generated on an hourly basis.

How Much Water Can Commercial RO Machines Generate?

Are Commercial Reverse Osmosis Equipments Worth it?

Contaminated water can have a devastating impact on people, equipment, and the environment. To avert these devastating effects, one can invest in a commercial reverse osmosis system, which is specialized to extract harmful contaminants. With a commercial RO system, you can rest assured, you will have unlimited access to purified water. However, to get the perfect system, take the following into consideration:

  • Your raw water composition.
  • The nature of your application.
  • The quality and quantity of purified water needed.
  • Your power supply options.
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