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NEWater can personalize your water purification system to match your brand for your bottled water business.

  • Advanced water purification technologies.
  • Highly-individualized systems.
  • High-quality bottled water is purified to stringent levels.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
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What are Bottled Water Purification Systems?

Common bottled waters are mineral water, alkaline water, soda water, purified water, etc. There are several methods that can be used to purify water before bottling. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most common method of bottled water purification because of its cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and high yield.

The system is designed to use one or more filtration processes with different capacities and flow rates, depending on the quality of the feed water and the final water quality required. Other technologies utilized in bottled water purification systems include UV sterilization, water filtration, and distillation.

NEWater’s Bottled Water Purification Systems Related Products

Water Purification Equipments

NEWater’s water purification equipment combines a variety of advanced water treatment technologies to produce only the purest water.

Seawater Desalination System

The NEWater seawater desalination system offers coastal populations a cost-efficient and dependable way of lowering salt content in seawater to generate potable water.

River Water Purification System

Our river water purification system helps curb the spread of waterborne diseases by effectively eradicating microbial pathogens and other illness-causing contaminants from river water.

Brackish Water Purification Systems

NEWater’s brackish water purification systems incur reduced operational costs thanks to our energy-efficient technologies that significantly shrink energy consumption.

Seawater Purification System

We make premium seawater purification systems guaranteed to solve water shortage problems for coastal populations by effectively removing dissolved salts from seawater.

Lab Water Purification Systems

Our lab water purification systems are a sure way for laboratories to get a continuous supply of laboratory-grade purified water, economically.

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Why NEWater’s Bottled Water Purification Systems?

Small Footprint

Compact bottled water purification systems that utilize space efficiently, are easy to transport and inexpensive to maintain.

Online Monitoring of Water Quality

Highly advanced bottled water purifiers fitted with touchscreen monitors that help monitor the quality of bottled water generated remotely.

Top-Notch Bottled Water

Extremely productive purification systems that expel a plethora of contaminants to consistently produce high-quality purified water for bottling.

Advanced Purification Tech

Next-level bottled water purification equipment endowed with high-end water purification technologies such as RO, guarantees impeccable purification rates.

How is the Bottled Water Purification System Designed?

More than 30% of the bottled water supply is from municipal sources, with the rest coming from springs, the ocean, wells, and other sources. For companies, the choice of which water source to use affects the quality of processable water and its profitability, and choosing the right source is the first step.

A common treatment method is to filter raw water through systems such as reverse osmosis, desalination, distillation, ultraviolet disinfection, ozonation, and electrodeionization, and the final system will remove unwanted contaminants from the feed water. The composition of the system is determined primarily by the type of bottled water, such as the mineral content, taste, pH balance, etc., of the bottled water, which will have a different water treatment process.

Bottled Water Purification Systems design
Bottled Water Purification Systems Features

NEWater’s Bottled Water Purification Systems Features:

  • High-quality pretreatment filters.
  • High-grade reverse osmosis membrane filters.
  • Automated functionality.
  • Online water quality monitoring.
  • Small footprint.
  • Integrated water bottling system.
  • High-quality UV sterilizers.
  • Energy-efficient.

NEWater’s Bottled Water Purification Systems Applications

  • Water bottling businesses.
  • Food processing.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Drinking water systems
  • Bottle filling and rinsing stations
  • Automatic water vending machines
  • Flushing and filling machines
Bottled Water Purification Systems Applications

NEWater, A Reliable Bottled Water Purification Systems Manufacturer in China

Bottled Water Purification System Manufacturer
Bottled Water Purification Systems Manufacturer

NEWater’s bottled water purification systems are rated as some of the market’s leading systems thanks to their compact designs, unrivaled quality, and cost-efficiency. They are endowed with the most advanced water purification technologies, which permits them to extract a myriad of unwanted pollutants stringently.

NEWater’s bottled water purification units are customizable in size, flow rate, and production capacity. We are continually committed to delivering highly individualized and tested bottled water purification systems for our esteemed customer base.

Diverse, Good-Quality NEWater Bottled Water Purification Systems

Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Purification System
Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Purification System

When reverse osmosis technology is used in the production of bottled water, the quality of the produced water is guaranteed. These plants are widely used on both commercial and industrial scales because of their high efficiency and low cost.

Distillation Bottled Water Purification Systems
Distillation Bottled Water Purification Systems

Distillation is a relatively traditional and conservative way of preparing bottled water. This process eliminates a large number of objectionable impurities and results in pure water but is more costly than membrane purification systems.

Skid-Mounted Bottled Water Purification Systems
Skid-Mounted Bottled Water Purification Systems

The skid-mounted water filtration system is designed to make bottled water more easily accessible. Advantages such as plug-and-play, easy installation and maintenance, and mobility make it stand out among bottled water purification systems.

Bottled Water Purification System Supplier
Find Your Superior-Quality Bottled Water Purification Equipments at NEWater!

NEWater’s bottled water purification systems have a smaller footprint and are energy-efficient. They incur minimal installation, operation, and maintenance costs.

We Can Provide All the Bottled Water Purification Systems You Need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bottled water has high standards for water quality and is used to make bottled water purification systems to ensure that the final water is clean and safe. To boast your understanding of these systems, we will be answering the most raised questions on bottled water purification systems in the underlying section.

What Are the Advantages of Bottled Water Purification Systems?

There are many advantages to using bottled water purification systems. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you can have clean, safe drinking water without having to worry about the quality of your tap water. Bottled water purification systems remove impurities and contaminants from your water, making it safe to drink. Additionally, they are:

  • Automated.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-efficient.

Advantages of Bottled Water Purification Systems

Which Technologies are Commonly Used in Bottled Water Purification Systems?

Bottled water purification systems utilize various water purification technologies key amongst them being:

· Filtration system:

It usually consists of a multi-media sand filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, ultra-filtration system, and dosing system. Before the reverse osmosis system, most of the suspended matter, colloids, color, odor, chlorine, organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. are removed by the filtration system first.

· Reverse Osmosis (RO) system:

The RO system removes many molecules and ions from the solution for industrial processes and the production of drinking water. This part is not necessary if the raw water TDS is less than 50 ppm.

· Remineralization System:

This is the process of adding beneficial minerals to the product water. The taste of the water is enriched and the pH is improved by adding pure magnesium and calcium to the purified product water. Can be used in the production of mineral water.

· Disinfection System:

UV disinfectors are commonly used to eliminate remaining bacteria and microorganisms in the water, ensuring that bacteria levels are reduced to zero before filling the bottle.

What is the Production Capacity of Bottled Water Purification Systems?

The production capacity of bottled water purification systems can vary depending on the system. Some smaller, home-use systems may only have a production capacity of around 40 gallons per day, while larger, commercial-scale systems can produce up to 100,000 gallons per day. The size and scale of the system will ultimately determine its production capacity.

Production Capacity of Bottled Water Purification Systems


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