Top-Rated NEWater Anion Exchange Resin Supplier in China

  • Strong anion-removing capability.
  • They are utilized industrially, commercially, and residentially.
  • It is conveniently deployed and maintained.
  • Environmentally beneficial by decreasing chemical use.

NEWater: Leading Anion Exchange Resin Supplier in China

NEWater anion exchange resin has a high ion exchange capacity, effective enough to remove unwanted anions from your water supply. Its remarkable robustness and extended service life provide a stable and quality solution for your water treatment needs.

Our anion exchange resin is widely used in water treatment, water softening, demineralization, antibiotic extraction, desalination, condensate polishing, pure water preparation, separation and purification of biochemical drugs, etc. All products can be customized and processed according to customers’ requirements. These anionic resins are packaged in woven bags or can be packaged in plastic drums or other containers.


  • High exchange capacity
  • High mechanical strength
  • Uniform particle size
  • Equivalent to Purolite C100/C100E
  • Potential for recovery and renewal
  • Resistant to a variety of pH and temperature conditions
  • Food grade and industrial grade are available
  • ISO9001: 2000 certificate
  • Safe to handle and poses no threat to operator health or the environment
  • Eco-friendly and capable of aiding in the reduction of harsh treatments
Anion Exchange Resin features
Anion Exchange Resin features

Pros of Using NEWater Anion Exchange Resin

  • Water quality enhancements: may efficiently remove anionic pollutants from water, leading to an improvement in water quality.
  • Efficacy of process improvement: it may increase the productivity of various industrial processes by eliminating pollutants and minimizing equipment cleaning and maintenance downtime.
  • Integrity and purity: it may contribute to the purity and uniformity of finished goods in sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.
  • Pluses for the environment: some treatment procedures that involve the use of chemicals or other harsh treatments may be replaced with an ecologically friendly option.
  • Cost-effective: frequently compares well to other treatment options and may help minimize operational expenses.
  • Versatility: suitable for several applications, including water treatment, industrial operations, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Long existence: has a long life and may be regenerated and reused, decreasing the frequency of replacements and minimizing operational expenses.

Why is NEWater Anion Exchange Resin the Best Option for Purifying Water?

Ion Exchange Resin Supplier
Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturer

NEWater ionic exchange resin is a popular choice for water treatment processes due to its numerous benefits. One of the main advantages of this resin is its ability to effectively remove contaminants from water, including nitrates, sulfates, and arsenic. It also has a high capacity for ion exchange, meaning it can treat large volumes of water before needing to be replaced.

Additionally, exchange resin is affordable, easy to use, and resilient, making it a reliable and sustainable option for water treatment applications. These benefits make ion exchange resin a preferred choice for industries, municipalities, and households seeking to purify their water sources. Contact us today!


Anion Exchange Resins applications
  • Industrial water software
  • Sugar demineralization
  • Metal Extraction and Recovery
  • Where to go for harmful ions
  • Power Generation and Condensate Polishing
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Nuclear power generation
  • Ultrapure water products
  • Polymer Catalyst
  • Purification of Antibiotics
Anion Exchange Resins applications
  • Machine removal
  • Condensed water deionization
  • Purification of Antibiotics and Mandelic Acid
  • Removal of organic acids
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Aquarium Treatment
  • Precious metal recycling
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Semi-directed business

Polymer Matrix Structure——Styrene Crosslinked with DVB

Physical Form and Appearance——Clear spherical beads

Whole Bead Count——98% min.

Functional Groups——R-SO3¯

Ionic Form, as shipped——Na

Total Exchange Capacity, Na+ form, wet, volumetric——1.9 meq/l min.

Moisture Retention, Na+ form——45-50%

Particle Size Range—— 0.3-1.20mm

Less than 0.3mm ——1.0 %max

Swelling Na+→ H+——10% max.

Ca2+→Na+——5% max.

Shipping Weight (approx.)——800 g/l

Specific Gravity, moist Na+ Form——1.27

PH Range, Stability——0 – 14

  • What makes this product special? The resin has fantastic ion exchangeability and has worked wonders to purify my water. It is also very simple to deal with and needs little upkeep.

  • I thank NEWater for performing and being reliably above our expectations.

  • This product has made me extremely pleased, and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a good anion exchange resin.


NEWater Anion Exchange Resin: How Does It Work?

NEWater Anion Exchange Resin is a water treatment method that utilizes an ion exchange procedure to eliminate pollutants, specifically negatively charged ions. A resin substance with positively charged ions attached to its surface, often in the form of ammonium ions, is used in the procedure.

The water to be treated is run through a tank containing resin beads. When the water travels through the resin bed, negatively charged ions such as nitrates, sulfates, and arsenic are attracted to the positively charged ammonium ions on the surface of the resin beads. The negatively charged ions are subsequently swapped for the positively charged ammonium ions, which are ultimately released into the water.

Anion Exchange Resins functions

Once the resin bed gets saturated with negatively charged ions, it must be regenerated by flowing a brine solution across it. The saltwater solution displaces the negatively charged ions, which are then flushed from the system. The resin bed is subsequently refilled with ammonium ions and is ready for reuse.

In general, the NEWater Anion Exchange Resins is a practical and efficient method for removing various impurities from water. It is widely utilized by enterprises, municipalities, and individuals to create clean and safe water for various purposes.

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