Trusted Water Treatment Equipment Manufacturer in China

NEWater Has the Following Qualities:

NEWater has over 20 years of experience in water treatment and water purification systems.
  • A professional water treatment product development team.
  • A team of experienced engineers and designers.
  • The use of the most advanced CAD 2D and SolidWorks 3D production technologies on the market.
  • The most advanced design and development techniques are used in all projects to meet customer requirements.
  • Safe, reliable and complete product transportation system.
  • Product quality system certification, 1-year quality guarantee and life-time maintenance.

Why NEWater is the Ideal Choice for You

NEWater is committed to bringing new life to more water. We have over 20 years of experience in the water treatment and water purification systems industry and to date, our various water solutions serve many different industries in 200+ countries. We have our own factory in China, our facility is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Shanghai, and all of our products are quality system certified.

Utilizing one of the most seasoned water quality management teams in the industry, we are ideally positioned to assist the entire industry in becoming more sustainable. Our engineers have been providing a wide range of services and solutions to solve difficult water problems in a wide range of markets. We believe that a sustainable future is within reach for everyone.

Quality Assurance

NEWater Technical Team

  • Lucy
    -Marketing Manager
  • Carlson
    -Project Purchasing Manager
  • Rosa
    -After Sales Supervisor
  • Joe
    -Project Manager
  • Shelton
    - Equipment Installation Leader
  • Owen
    - Engineering Designer
  • Nancy
    -Purchasing Manager
  • Logan
    -Project Executive Manager
  • Haley
    -Water Quality Testing Leader

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