NEWater-Water Treatment System Manufacturer
NEWater-Water Treatment System Manufacturer
NEWater-Water Treatment System Manufacturer & Supplier in China
NEWater-Water Treatment System Manufacturer & Supplier in China
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NEWater - Professional Water Treatment Systems Manufacturer & Supplier in China

NEWater has been providing professional water treatment services to various sectors for over 20 years. It is our goal to adhere to a sustainable development strategy and our obligation to bring new life to more water on our planet. We only provide you with cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions. Send your inquiry now!

Trusted Water Treatment System Company

  • Professional water treatment engineers with 15+ years of experience.
  • Over 20 years, we have built over 2000 custom systems for water purification.
  • We design and manufacture commercial and industrial RO systems for customers in a variety of industries.
  • It is our responsibility and mission to bring new life to more water on the planet.
  • We are highly regarded by the industry for our rich experience in system design and on-site installation.
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NEWater Featured Products

Reverse Osmosis System

NEWater reverse osmosis systems remove 98% of soluble salts and 99% of colloids, microorganisms, particulates and organic matter. Low energy consumption, no pollution, high quality of produced water, easy to operate and maintain.

Nanofiltration System

The NEWater Nanofiltration System can bring benefits to your project at a low cost. It removes most viruses, organic molecules, natural organics and a range of salts from the water.

Ultrafiltration System

Our uf systems are manufactured according to ISO and SGS standards, the main components and accessories are CE certified, and the equipment is well commissioned before leaving the factory.

EDI System

We offer you a cost-effective EDI system that is easy to operate and  maintain. It can effectively remove ions, salts and organic acids from water. Contact us for a one-to-one system customization.

Water Softener System

We manufacture water softeners that effectively remove various salts and impurities from water in a variety of applications, such as food processing plants, drinking water, breweries, cooling water and boiler feed water.

Containerized RO system

Our containerized ro systems are tailored to your water treatment requirements and budget and include all the amenities that a ro system may require. Featuring easy mobility, high recovery rates and rugged durability.

Laboratory Water Purification Equipment

Quality water is an essential component of your lab, and NEWater can provide your lab with consistent, pure, high-quality lab water that is easy to operate and maintain. Contact us now!

Portable Seawater Desalination Equipment

Our portable water treatment equipment can be used anywhere, anytime, for drinking water in beach houses, island homes, island hotels, sailing operations, private yachts, etc.

Purified Water Systems

We are committed to providing you with the most advanced water purification technology. Our purified water plants meet ISO 9001 quality standards for water quality in industries such as biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemicals.

Why Choose NEWater

Why Choose NEWater

  • One-to-one Customization:Customize your system one-on-one according to your water treatment needs to save as much as possible on operating costs.
  • Water Quality Standards:NEWater water treatment equipment ensures that the water produced meets international and industry standards.
  • On-time Delivery:Professional installation team, strict control of construction cycle, safe and secure transportation system.
  • After-sales Guarantee:Professional after-sales service team, 7*24 hours online service throughout the year, quick response.
Technology Guarantee
Technology Guarantee

Water treatment engineers with 15+ years of industry experience control the quality of products and the installation and commissioning of equipment.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

All products provide one year quality guarantee. They are manufactured through multiple processes and conform to the international quality system certification, with factory verification certificate.

What Systems does NEWater Support for Customization?

We can provide professional customization services for water treatment systems. Custom and turnkey water treatment and purification systems are designed and built to suit your water treatment needs. These include wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis systems, deionization systems, electrodeionization units, nanofiltration systems, ultrafiltration systems, industrial wastewater treatment systems, water softeners, seawater reverse osmosis systems, reverse osmosis cleaning skids, ultraviolet water purification, solar desalination systems, laboratory water purification equipment, containerization equipment and related accessories, etc.

Thousands of Successful Engineering Cases

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project

NEWater is a chemical pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and production of biopharmaceuticals, modernization and other high-tech products. NEWater cooperates with Simedi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to provide pharmaceutical grade pure water to the industry with its own professional water treatment technology.

Containerized Water Pretreatment Equipment

For some remote mountainous areas and construction sites need to move frequently, and there should be a site to place water treatment equipment, container water treatment equipment makes a breakthrough to solve the problem. It extends the traditional storage of water treatment equipment, can do at any time to move the entire system. The treatment capacity of the equipment can reach 5-5000 tons of water per day.

RO Project for Glass Cleaning Industry

Glass cleaning requires pure water, and poor water quality will leave many impurities on the glass surface, affecting product quality. NEWater adopts membrane separation technology to improve the purity of the water, which is used in conjunction with the pre-treatment system; the high-pressure pump pressure and reverse osmosis membrane retention are used to achieve the standard of glass cleaning water: conductivity 10μS/cm.

What Do I Need to Provide to Customize a Water Treatment System?

  1. Raw water quality report.
  2. Water quality requirements of the produced water.
  3. Scenarios of equipment use.
  4. Hourly water treatment capacity requirements.
  5. Local voltage and power.
  6. Receiving address.

NEWater's Global Partners

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